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Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi recently announced that he is back at work on the Hunter X Hunter manga Since the announcement, he’s closed a few chapters, which means a new volume will be out soon.

Fans are incredibly excited to see their favorite manga and mangaka in action again, and there is no doubt that the manga’s return will be iconic. Chances are the community will be blessed with many more Hunter X Hunter fans. The community is also hoping for a sequel to the 2011 anime adaptation.

Here is a list of characters who Hunter X Hunter Fans want to be featured in the upcoming release.

Note: This article contains major spoilers for both the Hunter x Hunter anime and manga. It is also subjective and reflects the author’s personal views.

Fans can’t wait for these 10 hunter x hunter cCharacters appearing when the manga returns

1) Hisoka Morow

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Hisoka is one of the most controversial characters in the Hunter X Hunter Series. His intentional creepiness has caused many fans to dislike his jester personality. However, his strength and mastery of Nen has caused many others to fall in love with him.

Hisoka was last seen in the series getting revenge on the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo Lucilfer horribly killed Hisoka during their fight and he is out for revenge.

Everyone looks forward to seeing Hisoka again, especially during his future battles with the Phantom Troupe. Fans are particularly excited for a match between Hisoka and Feitan, Chrollo’s number two, or perhaps a rematch between him and Chrollo that Hisoka doesn’t give him time to prepare for.

2) Chrollo Lucifer

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As the leader of the Phantom Troupe and an incredibly powerful Nen user, Chrollo Lucilfer garnered massive affection from fans during his time on the series. He’s a force to be reckoned with, as evidenced by his bouts against Silva and Zeno Zoldyck in Yorknew City and against Hisoka Morow.

Fans can’t wait to see Chrollo again. Since Chrollo still believes Hisoka is dead and has yet to learn of Hisoka’s mission to eliminate the Phantom Troupe, fans are interested in seeing his reaction to Shalnark and Kortopi’s deaths. Many believe this will lead to a rematch between Chrollo and Hisoka, hopefully before other Phantom Troupe members are killed.

3) Kurapika

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Kurapika is the last remaining member of the Kurata clan and one of the most popular characters in Hunter X Hunter. Though he wasn’t featured much in the anime, his journey to avenge the Kurta clan and reclaim his clan’s Scarlet Eyes is well underway in the manga.

Fans can’t wait to see what Togashi has in store for Kurapika. He has traveled the world and teamed up with questionable individuals to find his clan’s eyes. He also doesn’t seem to know anything about Hisoka’s quest to defeat the Phantom Troupe. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to this and whether he and Hisoka will work together again in the future.

4) Leorio Paradiknight

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Despite being a member of the main cast, Leorio didn’t really have time to show himself Hunter X Hunter. He was introduced a few times here and there throughout the anime and manga, but he was never the focus of any particular arc. However, after experiencing arcs that focus on Gon, Killua, and Kurapika, fans are hoping that Leorio’s luck will change once the manga returns.

Leorio has an amazing Nen ability that allows him to create portals that stretch from one point to another. He used this ability when he beat Ging during the 13th Presidential Election arc. Fans can’t wait to see Leorio master this ability and use it in his doctor’s office and possibly during battles as well.

5) Went Freecss

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As the video above says, Ging Freecss is a free spirit. During his time on the show, it was made clear to both the show’s characters and fans that nothing and no one would stand in Ging’s way. Even his fellow Zodiacs, the most powerful members of the Hunter Association just below the chairman and vice chairman, had great difficulty convincing him to do anything.

Ging wasn’t Gon’s best father. He left his son with Mito on Whale Island to see the world. He spent years exploring ancient ruins and uncovering forgotten relics, never once reaching Gon. Despite this, many fans have taken a liking to Ging’s character and are excited to see his role in exploring the dark continent in the upcoming manga chapters.

6) Killua Zoldyck

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Killua, along with Gon, has been the main character for every arc in the anime so far. Despite being shown repeatedly, fans still want more. Everyone is excited to see what he’s been up to since the end of the 13th Chairman’s Election Sheet.

When the manga returns, the focus will be mostly split between Kurapika and Leorio. However, fans are hoping there will be at least a few instances where the main cast will reunite to take on a common enemy. Perhaps Killua will explore the Dark Continent with his friends after he becomes more proficient in his Nen skills.

7) Gon Freecss

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through Hunter X Hunter, Gon was considered a carefree kid with a bubbly personality. Everyone thought he lacked the darkness in his heart, but his immense anger during the Chimera Ant arc proved them wrong.

After his fight with Pitou, fans got to know Gon’s true nature. Fans want the upcoming release to explore both the lighthearted aspects of his personality and the darkness beneath. However, he may not be able to use Nen after his fight with Pitou. Nanika healed him, but fans received no confirmation as to whether his Nen was restored. The answer is still awaited.

8) Pariston Hill

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When Pariston Hill first appeared Hunter X Hunter, both fans and hunters thought it was bad news. With a devious personality and a sly mind filled with various mysteries, he definitely set alarm bells ringing. Due to some of his selfish actions and lack of communication, many of his fellow Zodiacs and other high-ranking officials are still suspicious of him.

However, Pariston has consistently proven his devotion to Isaac Netero and his loyalty to the Hunter Association. Pariston is also the only Zodiac believed to rival Ging Freecss in intelligence and strength. Fans would like to see Pariston appear more prominently in the manga so they can better understand his character.

9) Alluka Zoldyck/Nanika

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Alluka Zoldyck is Killua’s younger sister who was kept secret from the outside world because the other, Nanika, inhabited her body.

Coincidentally, Nanika is one of the biggest mysteries in Hunter X Hunter. It has the ability to grant any desire of a person, but the desire comes at a cost. The price changes depending on the demand.

When the manga returns, fans will want to see more of Nanika and her skills. Everyone wants Togashi to explain what Nanika is, where it came from, and how powerful his abilities are. Depending on the limitations of Nanika’s ability to grant wishes, she could easily be one of the strongest characters in anime.

10) Illumi Zoldyck

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Illumi Zoldyck is one of the most notorious Hunter X Hunter Characters. Since the first Hunter exam in Hunter X Hunter, Illumi has tried his best to prevent Killua’s journey with Gon using both Nen and various manipulation tactics. However, Illumi was never able to fully control Killua.

Fans are excited to see not only Illumi’s behavior towards Killua when the manga returns, but also more interaction between Illumi and Hisoka. The two have been accomplices since the beginning of the show, so it’s possible that Hisoka goes to Illumi for help in defeating the Phantom Troupe. Fans can’t wait for the duo to take on the Phantom Troupe together.

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