Artist Robyn Thompson-Duong owns and operates Art Barn Studio on Webster Street in Hanover.

Art Barn Studio in Hanover is a creative oasis for artists | Pro Club Bd

HANNOVER – A large barn at 674 Webster Street fulfilled the dreams of artist and educator Robyn Thompson-Duong, who founded The Art Barn Studio. The airy, wooden interior is packed with classes for adults and kids and monthly sip and paint parties.

“I was looking for a space in Boston to rent out for painting parties and classes, but when I saw the barn in Hanover it was perfect,” said the 43-year-old visual artist.

There are courses in painting, drawing, collage, printmaking and nature journalism. It’s a place where the owner combines her artistry and her passion for teaching.

A portrait of Robyn Thompson-Duong.  Her work inspires pride in black culture and the spirit of femininity.

“Since 2008, I’ve kind of taught art in private and then public schools,” she said. “The pandemic has changed my perception of things. I wanted to do something of my own.”

Thompson-Duong is a contemporary realist painter. She specializes in portraits and engages in art commissions, exhibitions and shows. She has taught virtual classes through the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Rhode Island School of Design, and taught art at Pierce Middle School in Milton for 10 years.

She is a mother of two girls aged 8 and 5 and her husband is An Duong. They moved to Hanover to be closer to their family members who live in Marshfield and Plymouth.

Artist Robyn Thompson-Duong owns and operates Art Barn Studio on Webster Street in Hanover where she teaches classes for children and adults.

During the pandemic, when The Art Barn Studio opened, she began teaching online classes and then gave in-person classes limited to one or two students. This summer, The Art Barn is offering children’s classes for the first time.

“I’m not sure who’s having more fun, me or her. I opened it up to kids because the space is so beautiful and has great energy,” she said. “I’m greedy not to share it. Teaching kids keeps me young.”

Adult clients move on from insecurities and being together is therapeutic, Thompson-Duong said.

“They have conversations about life in general,” she said. “There’s a camaraderie that develops and you look forward to the classes.”

Artist Robyn Thompson-Duong owns and operates Art Barn Studio on Webster Street in Hanover.

Budding and experienced painters share ideas and encouragement.

“It’s important to be with other artists, with like-minded people; it’s beneficial all around,” she said.

Portraiture is her specialty, although Thompson-Duong does a range of artworks including landscapes, still lifes and more.

“I focus on portraits. I love faces and I love the challenge of capturing a person’s likeness. I want it to look like the person and I want it to feel like the person.”

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