From art history to metal detection, Cravenu3a has something for everyone

From art history to metal detection, Cravenu3a has something for everyone | Pro Club Bd

The University of the Third Age (u3a) in Craven has been in existence for 40 years. Open to anyone no longer working full-time, it aims to encourage people to get more out of their free time, explore new ideas, learn new skills and enrich their lives.

u3a program secretary Jacqui Eames explains more.

IN 40 years of existence, Craven u3a’s mission has remained one constant: to enrich the lives of its members.

We encourage new residents and those who have lived in the area all their lives to make the most of their greater free time. Discover new ideas; learn new skills; Sharing interests and being creative, from hiking, gardening, learning a foreign language, art history, trains and metal detecting.

We all want to stay mentally and physically active and when you join us for just £33 a year you avoid expensive gym memberships and cinema trips, for example. Very welcome in these tough days of rising prices.

Based in Skipton but with members from across the region and a wide variety of venues, Craven u3a’s new program begins in September. Many courses take place throughout the year.

Prospective new members can come to our open event at Skipton Town Hall on Tuesday 9th August from 2pm to 4pm and discover a wealth of opportunities and meet our friendly group leaders.

Registration then begins, so it’s useful to come to the event to make your first choice. Helpdesks are available to anyone wishing to become a member or register for courses.

Helpdesks are also available on Monday 1st August and 8th August from 10am to 12pm at St Stephen’s Church, Skipton.

Our new committee wanted to offer a really good range of opportunities and asked our volunteer group leaders to develop even more activities – in fact they created an impressive 68.

We hope people are spoiled for choice, but if you want to visit something every day of the week, that’s entirely possible. To make member selection easier, we have organized activities in six areas, all of which are represented at the open event.

Creative Crafts offers the widest range of opportunities, including: five art classes; five ways to make music and classes in a variety of crafts including quilting, woodturning and flower arranging.

Why not try your hand at calligraphy or creative writing, or delight in other people’s talents by engaging in poetry or drama, or listening to popular music from the 1920’s to the 70’s. Or join our newsletter team which, among other things, regularly provides the Craven Herald with updates on our activities and events.

Indoor fun, games and fitness includes a range of sports such as table tennis, croquet and bocce ball; three exercise groups with different intensity levels, two bridge groups and maj jong.

“Out and about” offers outdoor activities. A range of walking groups range from relatively long hikes to short walks or “walks for lunch”. Or choose motorcycling! There’s a popular birding group, a niche metal detection group, and opportunities to grow your own in the garden or on allotments.

Many members want to travel, so learning a European language is invaluable. “World Languages ​​and Cinema” offers French, German, Spanish and Italian at different levels. To combine listening practice with enjoying quality world films, attend our thrice weekly world film screenings at Champions Church, Skipton. One afternoon focuses on French cinema, the other two on different world cinemas such as Japanese and Scandinavian films.

“People and Places in Time and Space” offers social, local and world history, a geography forum and geological walks, not to mention political discussions and exploration of mythology.

The wonders of science and technology are explored in a range of courses including Astronomy, Coastal Navigation, everyone’s favorite Railway Meet and Scientist Stories. There is also a Science and Technology Discussion Group and the now vital skill of Internet Security.

If you just want to meet new friends and chill, we have our weekly coffee and chat and monthly meetups on the first Saturday morning of the month. Enjoy coffee, delicious homemade cakes and interesting conversations.

I joined the committee and lead the Art World group because I wanted to give back. Ever since I retired to the Dales, the u3a has been an absolute lifeline. I’ve made friends, stayed mentally and physically active, and learned a lot.

Starting with bird watching and advanced French, I added art history and French cinema. I chair the monthly meetings and encourage readers to come along and enjoy a Saturday morning social — or even offer a talk.

Jacqui can be contacted by email:

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