Exeter High School students unveil ‘You Belong Here’ mural. | Pro Club Bd

EXETER – Exeter High School has added a mural to its hallway – one that shows the true meaning of being a part of the Blue Hawks community.

The school’s newly formed Student Committee for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) recently partnered with genEquality, a nonprofit organization focused on equality and inclusion through arts and culture, to create a Nudge Art mural.

“We always bring a local artist as a teaching artist who works with students and our community members to design a mural that visualizes the values ​​they stand for,” said Sherry Hakimi, executive director of genEquality.

Hakimi has worked with public schools in New York and even Toronto, Canada and said Nudge Art murals are different from each other but have three main components.

“They are all unique because no two communities are alike. But they are all directed by local artists; they are all co-designed and co-designed by the community; and they all have the words ‘you belong’. with an interactive element somewhere in the mural,” she said.

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