"Surface Mining, Newmont Mining Corporation, Carlin, Nevada, 2012" by Lucas Foglia

The Pizzuti Collection Photo Exhibit showcases various American experiences | Pro Club Bd

With his 1860 poem “I Hear America Singing,” Walt Whitman proclaimed through the “various carols” he heard that the country was celebrating its common people—their diversity and contribution to American life.

Maybe not so much in our day and age. Have all Americans—e.g., Native Americans, African Americans, immigrants—experienced their inalienable rights and been celebrated for their contributions?

A new exhibition at the Pizzuti Collection in the short north presents more than 60 photographs by 16 artists, offering a new take on the subject. I Hear America Singing: Contemporary Photographs From America attempts to contemplate, redefine, and present a portrait of national identity.

Organized by independent curator Ashley Lumb, it was the first exhibition of American photography to be held and presented in Amman, Jordan in 2021.

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