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One of the easiest ways for a mangaka (an industry term for someone who is both a writer and an illustrator of their series) to make their work iconic manga is through a unique art style. While individuality alone is not enough to become a household name, combining a unique art style with exceptional quality helps each series stand out and become an iconic manga.

Famous series like that of illustrator Yusuke Murata One punch man Manga and author and illustrator Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s bizarre adventure Manga meet both of these requirements. Each creator combines exceptional quality with their unique art style, resulting in their series becoming, like others, some of the most iconic manga of all time.

Here are eight of the most iconic manga art styles ever published, in no particular order.

Unique art and exceptional quality have helped make these 8 iconic manga household names

1) One punch man

One Punch Man never ceases to amaze me, I don’t think any other manga will top it for me when it comes to art. Also, Garou is my favorite character from OPM so I really enjoyed these chapters 🤧

Shueishas One punch man Manga is an adaptation of the webcomic of the same name by ONE, who also appears on this list with another series for which he is responsible for the artwork. One punch manhowever, is drawn by Yusuke Murata, who many consider to be one of the finest illustrators to have ever worked in the industry.

Murata’s artworks in this iconic manga help make him a household name, bringing a level of detail and clarity rarely seen by others in the industry. Fans especially praised his work in the latest installments of the series, which literally took the overall quality of the manga to cosmic dimensions.

2) JoJo’s bizarre adventure

When Araki makes random art like this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hirohiko Arakis JoJo’s bizarre adventure series features one of the most distinct and iconic manga art styles in the history of the medium. Although it has been serialized for more than 35 years as of this writing, it remains one of the most unique art styles of all time.

The blocky style was basic during its debut, but has slowly evolved over the series’ 35-year run to become smoother and more sophisticated. Nowadays, the art style equals almost every other in beauty, sophistication, overall quality and iconism.

3) Mob Psycho 100

More people need to read Mob Psycho’s manga, the art is actually very charming. One of my absolute favorite manga.

Mob Psycho 100 is the above mentioned series for which ONE is both author and illustrator, also called mangaka. The series’ art style is somewhat dichotomous, frequently alternating between minimalism and extreme detail. However, this only makes the series an even more iconic manga that showcases ONE’s reach with a pen.

Many often refer to these mundane and minimalistic panels, using them as proof that ONE can’t draw, which is why he lets Yusuke Murata draw them One punch man manga An alternative viewpoint is that his ability to easily switch between art styles, even within a single issue, is a mark of true iconism and skill.

4) Uzumaki

365 reasons why comics are the greatest art form, reason 138: Uzumaki by Junji Ito

Junji Itos Uzumaki is undoubtedly one of his most iconic manga, both for the story, the subject and the art in it. Fans often point out that this is a real advancement in the skills and quality of the famous horror mangaka, comparing it to his previous work Tomie to promote these points.

The art contained within is unnerving to many fans and underscores just how exceptional Ito is at his particular craft. Also exceptional about Uzumaki’s A particular work of art is Ito’s use of the spiral motif, which he subtly and evidently inserts into scenes with great success.

5) Sun Ken Rock

boichis Sun Ken Rock Many fans feel that he has perfected his iconic manga art style, creating hyper-realistic drawings with exceptional detail down to the smallest aspects. While his work on other series, such as dr Stonestrikes a similar tone with softer lines and less intense realism, Sun Ken Rock demonstrates his abilities in these areas.

Every scene is incredibly sharp, to the point that it leaves readers breathless as they go from spread to spread, page to page, and even panel to panel. It makes readers feel like they’re working painstakingly on something until it’s absolutely perfect, which was probably Boichi’s process with this incredibly drawn series.

6) berserk

Kentaro Miuras berserk is often cited as being incredibly influential in the dark fantasy genre, both within anime and manga and in general for a variety of reasons. However, one of the most important aspects is his artwork, which many consider to be the most extraordinary art ever created by a mangaka.

The detail within is absolutely stunning, with horizons and backgrounds as detailed as the front of a panel or side. Like ONE, the late Miura also excelled in juxtaposing his art from incredibly crisp and clean to rough and almost angry, showing the emotions of the characters and those of a scene to great effect.

7) One piece

Skypiea is the one-piece arc I’ve read the most after Marineford, it’s a play at heart and Oda’s pinnacle of art. Looking phenomenal at the top of every single panel, Oda has been so experimental with his graphics. Just check out the introduction of enel and its subordinates

While some criticize the art of author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda in it One piece Being somewhat childish and simplistic, it is undoubtedly one of the most iconic manga art styles of all time. The softer and gentler overall approach perfectly matches the demeanor of the series’ protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. Similarly, when Luffy engages with those emotions, Oda’s art can become serious and intense.

Oda is also praised for his excellent character design and set work, with the series having some of the most detailed, memorable, and emotional panels in the entire manga. There is no doubt that Oda and his signature style are among the most iconic in manga history.

8th) dragon ball

my favorite Dragonball art covers by Akira Toriyama 💥

Finally Akira Toriyama dragon ball and his gentle and soft approach were unique at a time when serious series and artworks were dominant. The cheerful Goku even seemed to infect Toriyama himself with optimism, resulting in an art that feels extremely positive in emotion, tone, and origin.

This fits beautifully with the series’ action scenes, in which light-hearted adventure turns into momentous conflict, often to the point of seriousness. This legendary series has undoubtedly established itself as one of the most iconic manga art styles in history.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the author’s own views.

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