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A beautiful summer in the Berkshires | Pro Club Bd

This is the summer vacation you’ve been waiting for and it’s finally here.

The new Berkshire Flyer, which now departs New York’s Penn Station on Friday afternoons and returns on Sundays, is the stuff of magic. Your vacation dreams come true when you travel to Pittsfield, Massachusetts on a new direct train.

Departing Moynihan Train Hall via Amtrak, the train begins your weekend with a pleasant train ride through Yonkers, NY, Croton-Harmon, NY, Poughkeepsie, NY, Rhinecliff, NY, Hudson, NY, and Albany-Rensselaer Station. Arriving in Pittsfield in the early evening you will be immediately captivated by a city that will always hold a special place in your heart.

Pittsfield Farmers Market

Just a short stroll from the train station depot, the Hotel on North is your divine home away from home. With elegant touches and stylish sophistication throughout, it is simply a luxurious hotel that rivals the five star properties anywhere in the world.

hotel in the north

The boutique hotel is exquisite and complemented by a staff that offers you the warmest hug in the region. It’s a perfect way to start your Berkshires experience as it will captivate you from the moment you walk through the lobby. Rooms are an experience that takes your imagination to new places. It can only be described as elegant and creative comfort. Each bespoke room is a curated adventure. Sleep well knowing you are in an oasis.

District kitchen & bar

A Night on Main Street is a representation of the American miracle. Cheerful stops along the way at various addresses each presenting a unique place. From shopping to dining, there is an uninterrupted selection of venues with something for everyone. A Friday night dinner can be enjoyed at several walk-in restaurants offering culinary delights, such as the beautiful Methuselah Bar and Lounge.

There’s also the excellent District Kitchen & Bar . Every aspect of each course is rooted in specialty, beginning with the uniqueness of the selection and truly special curated cocktails. Nestled in the well-designed space, you will find truly amazing appetizers and main courses that will leave an impressive mark on your memory.

On Saturdays you can linger in the city and give your soul the rest and relaxation it needs to refresh itself from city life. Start the morning with a coffee at Dottie’s Coffee Lounge or enjoy handcrafted food at Marketplace Cafe.

At the nearby farmer’s market you can do some light shopping and discover local produce from candles to fresh produce. Mingle with the townsfolk on the lawn and learn about Pittsfield’s history while you engage with them and listen to live music.

Berkshire Camino Tours

For outdoor lovers, the region is simply spectacular. Berkshire Camino regional experts can be booked to take you on an extravagant hike. Each individual can find a way that allows them to explore the beautiful outdoors of the Berkshires. What this company gets right is that it guides you along the way, but also takes the time to make you deeply appreciate the true beauty of nature that lies ahead. As you stroll through The Boulders or near Berry Pond in the Pittsfield State Forest, your feet will walk and your soul will be transported. You become enlightened when you make a deep and meaningful connection with nature.

When the sun goes down, return to Main Street for more fun. It is truly remarkable what Pittsfield has to offer. The incredible natural environment is just a small part of it. The cultural show is excellent. Back in town, enjoy the lively restaurant scene and take time out to catch some mind-blowing shows, such as: B. the highly acclaimed presentation of Once in the Colonial Theater. Entering this space means witnessing a dramatic experience. A work of art in its own right, the theater is full of intricate design and stunning sights. The Berkshire Theater Group and the Barrington Stage Company are both equally home to fine house art that often finds its way onto Broadway stages.

Colonial Theater

On the Sunday before your afternoon train ride home, there are several museums that will make your trip even more memorable. Herman Melville’s Arrowhead and the Berkshire County Historical Society help the literary lover to experience an important part of history up close and personal. The landmark Hancock Shaker Village is 750 acres of fascination for a moment. There are 20 historic Shaker buildings and over 22,000 Shaker artifacts. On the National Historic Register, it is the most comprehensively interpreted Shaker site in the world and the nation’s oldest working farm. Museum facsimiles is a third option. The family and woman-run stop is the last remaining American-owned frame shop. You can expect to find a treasure trove of fun artwork like their special inflated book spines.

Before catching the train back to New York City on Sunday afternoon, stop by the cute home goods store Dory & Ginger, attached to the Hotel on North. Find specialty items such as candles, soaps, mugs and illustrated books.

The Berkshire Flyer

This dream weekend will create and open a special place in your heart. Pittsfield is so much more than meets the eye. What you find at the Main Street stop is an important part of what makes America an amazing country. They have fused art, history and nature into this quite incredible place. And now that the Berkshire Flyer is easily accessible, there’s no better time to feel the magic of this spectacular location.

Create your own beautiful memory of your life and book a ticket here today. It’s the adventure you’ve been waiting for.

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