Anime Characters Who Got Their Powers From Strange Sources

8 iconic anime characters who drew their powers from the strangest sources | Pro Club Bd

Anime Characters are known for their amazing powers. Teleportation, magic, catching bullets, smashing through mountains and becoming invisible are just a few incredible things that anime characters have mastered.

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Each power has an explanation, a background that explains how the character got his unusual abilities. These sources are often extraordinary, but most of them at least make sense. However, some of them are downright weird. The powers they bestow may be incredible, but these sources are so bizarre that it’s worth asking if these powers are even worth having. Here are some of the most famous anime characters who got their powers from the strangest sources.

8th Warcry (Fairy Tail)

Rarely does one find an anime character with a more apt name than fairy tale Warcry, a character who goes to war by crying. In particular, Warcry cries out to get stronger and cast spells.

Tear Magic might be powerful, but it looks a bit ridiculous when the user has to collapse mid-fight and sob uncontrollably just to use its power. As absurd as it looks, the results cannot be denied, and Despite the unusual source of his powers, Warcry is a powerful mage of the Quatro Cerberus guild. His magic is praised by other talented characters in Fairy tale,but the actual limits of tear magic are unknown.

7 Ryu Yamada (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)

Fairy tales and fantasy fiction have a long history of bestowing magical power on kisses, so it’s not really surprising Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches decided to follow this trend. When Urara Shiraishi and Ryu Yamada kiss, they gain the ability to switch bodies, which of course leads to the pair reviving their school’s Supernatural Studies Club.

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Through the club, Ryu and Urara learn about other witches, Each of them has a unique magical power that can be activated by a kiss. Locking your lips in hopes of gaining a cool ability rather than experiencing a magical disaster yourself might seem like a gamble, but it’s safe to say there are worse ways to gain powers.

6 Mina Tsukuda (Getsumen to Heiki Mina)

Getsumen to Heiki Mina is unusual in more ways than one, as it mixes sci-fi with elements of great sports anime and magical girls. It began its existence as a fictional anime within the TV miniseries densha otoko, but it was later adapted into its own series and from there into a manga. In it, humanity meets aliens, only to learn that humanity is the only species to have evolved sports, and Earth sports are now the subject of extraterrestrial fascination everywhere.

Alien sports fans became such a nuisance on Earth that a treaty was formed to make tampering with another planet’s culture illegal. This agreement is honored by Mina Tsukuda and the rest of the Rabbit Force, a group of girls who get their magical powers of transformation from eating carrots.

5 Koenma (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yu Yu Hakusho is still considered one of the best martial arts anime to dominate a legion of die-hard fans despite its age. However, just because the story featured great fights and serious fighters doesn’t mean everything about it was realistic or honest.

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Koenma is the hair to the throne of the spirit world Yu Yu Hakusho, and one would expect a person of such regal bearing to be endowed with the most powerful magical item at his disposal. Koenma is. It just so happens that the magic item is a pacifier. Seeing the king suck on a pacifier is weird, but considering it grants him the ability to erect barriers, seal demons, paralyze people, and even revive others, it’s hard to argue with the results .

4 Poem (Puni Puni Poem)

10-year-old Poemi Watanabe wants to be a famous voice actress. Three things stand in her way: bad grades, the fact that she’s a bad actress, and the alien who killed her parents and tried to destroy Tokyo.

All is not lost, however, as Poemi is able to grab a talking fish, decalcify it, and turn it into a magic wand, allowing her to transform into a magical girl Puni Puni poem. Poemi isn’t cut out for heroism in almost every way, but that doesn’t stop this determined 10-year-old from grabbing her dead fish and trying to save the planet. if Puni Puni poem Sounds like a pretty bizarre series, and it is, but it’s still a magical girl anime that everyone should see.

3 Princess Tutu (Princess Tutu)

Music and dance are powerful artistic mediums that can express deep feelings, bring people together and even help mend a broken heart. princess tutu takes the undeniable power of dance a step further by bestowing magical ballet powers on the title character.

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princess tutu is an excellent example of an anime with a premise that should have failed disastrously and turned into something special instead. It helps that Princess Tutu herself doesn’t attempt to use her power to bludgeon enemies into submission. Instead, she uses ballet to connect with others and help them overcome the dark things they have been feeling and experiencing. Because of its beautiful symbolism and kind-hearted character princess tutu became the success it deserved.

2 Sasha (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

The ability to create and sustain human life is incredible, however The Qwaser of Stigmata takes this ability to a whole new level when it grants superpowers to anyone who drinks breast milk. The protagonists Mafuyu and Tomo are students at St. Mihailov Academy, where they suffered at the hands of the dean’s daughter, but things change for the couple when they meet Sasha (aka Alexander Nikolaevich Hell).

The show isn’t exactly interested in convincing viewers that it makes sense for characters to get superpowers from breast milk. It’s mostly about fanservice and violence, which is fine for the right audience, but definitely means it’s not anime for kids.

1 Bobobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

It’s only fitting that an anime with such a ridiculous title features a character whose power comes from a ridiculous source. in the Bobo-bo-bo bo-bobos Defense, it’s a gag anime so viewers looking for the serious and practical are in the wrong place. Bobobo’s power comes from his nose hair and he uses this power to fight the Hair Hunt Troop. a gang of evildoers bent on destroying things and making people bald.

Bobo-bo-bo bo-bobo is a crazy comedy about the bizarre, self-parody, shonen anime and anime as a whole. Despite his ridiculousness, Bobobo’s power seems undeniable, making him the hero best equipped to defeat Tsuru Tsurulina IV

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