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On the screen

The Beauty of the Natural World through My Lens, featuring photography by artist member Scott Dorman, is on display at the Art Center.

“Scott Dorman has graciously turned on his lights for all of us to sunbathe in while we visit his current artist exhibition, Through My Lens – The Beauty of the Natural World, at the Art Center,” commented Diana Wade, President of the Art Center’s Board of Directors.

“The Beauty of the Natural World through My Lens,” featuring photographs by Artist Member Scott Dorman. (Arts Center of Estes Park/photo courtesy)

“I heard our intrepid gallery manager Lars Sage comment at the opening: ‘Don’t get too close to these photos or you’ll feel the heat!’ He was right. The iridescent glow of lava flows against the darkest of dark skies… in contrast to the warm sunlight illuminating a hummingbird approaching its lunch that awaits it in a blazing bloom. The Milky Way…bright and alluring in the inky black night…hangs near a brilliant sunset that peeks over a craggy mountain cliff and teases us with its last rays of the day. Scott lets us cool off for a while in cool, deep mountain lakes that reflect only the shimmering light of the sun.”

“This is an exciting and beautiful photo show sponsored by Karen Dick and Pauline Bustamante. Please be sure to check it out for yourself. It runs through August 23rd alongside so many wonderful pieces of art created by our Art Center artists. And there’s even an “excess sale” in the conservatory filled with sale items for you to peruse.”

Featured Founding Member

Featuring the wood art of John Lynch

To celebrate our 35th anniversary, we have asked the six founding artists, who are still based in Estes Park, to present their artworks throughout the year in small ‘Highlighted Exhibits’ in the gallery. John Lynch is the third founding artist to exhibit his beautiful woodwork. For years, John’s delightful work has inspired awe and admiration. Whether influenced by Native American, Irish/Celtic or Asian cultures, John Lynch’s woodworking is an eclectic blend of superior talent and taste that is cherished as a timeless classic.

The gallery also features the outstanding work of the Art Center’s other artists, including other works in oil, watercolor, pastel, jewelry, ceramic, charcoal, graphite, glass, wood, sculpture, fiber, photography, printmaking, and mixed media.

The art center is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m

Join Sandy Fritz as she paints adorable garden stakes.  (Arts Center of Estes Park/photo courtesy)
Join Sandy Fritz as she paints adorable garden stakes. (Arts Center of Estes Park/photo courtesy)

Upcoming art class

“Whimsey Poles” with Sandy Fritz

July 30, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m

Art Center Members: $54. Non-Members: $60.

Join Sandy Fritz as she paints adorable garden stakes. She will guide you through the process of bringing your very own garden stake to life. Come up with an idea or a theme… and you’ll create something fun using a variety of mediums. All materials are provided by the lecturer. The only exception is… if you want to top off your project with a solar cap, they’re available from Sandy on the day of class… for $20 (payable directly to her).

Our leader in the exciting world of Whimsey Poles is beloved Loveland mixed media/collage artist Sandy Fritz, who is currently touring the country in the camper van with her husband. Luckily, she stops by Estes Park every summer to visit her father, Bill Fritz of the Art Center, and enjoys teaching at the Art Center. “My art expresses how I see the world; full of life, color and emotion,” says Sandy. And her motto is, “You’re creative… you just don’t know it yet.”

Materials List: All materials will be provided by the course instructor. However, if you wish to purchase a solar cap to crown your creation, one is available from Sandy for $20 on the day of class.

Landscape Collage – Beginners Welcome! with Sandy Fritz

August 6, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

Art Center Members: $100. Non-Members: $110.

Join Sandy Fritz in this dynamic landscape painting workshop. She guides you through her multi-layered mixed media process. And she provides all the materials/supplies you need to participate in this fun day of creativity. You’ll learn how to use hand-painted collage, marker, and spray painting to add layered visual interest and composition. During the first part of the day you will “get ready” to create a landscape of your choice later in the day. It’s a great workshop for all artistic talents, including beginners.

Materials List: All materials will be provided by the instructor.

Looking for students for the Art Center mentoring program

This is an exciting and popular Art Center program and an important way for Art Center artists to share their passion for art directly with members of the community.

Mentors are matched with mentees of all ages who wish to learn a new medium and have the opportunity to work with an experienced artist who exhibits their work in our beautiful, professional gallery.

The annual Mentor/Student Show in February is the highlight of the year and gives mentees the opportunity to see their own creations on display at the Art Center Gallery and learn about the “art business” (appropriate framing, pricing, welcoming the public) . , etc.) on the way.

Door Prize Winner

Congratulations to Cecilia Stumpf, the winner of Scott Dorman’s Donated Door Prize

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