Affordable and Aesthetic Art at Hyderabad's Young Collectors Conclave

Affordable and Aesthetic Art at Hyderabad’s Young Collectors Conclave | Pro Club Bd

Gandra Lipika Rao from Iconart Gallery in Hyderabad is curating an affordable art exhibition featuring works by 40 artists from across the country

Gandra Lipika Rao from Iconart Gallery in Hyderabad is curating an affordable art exhibition featuring works by 40 artists from across the country

Buy Art, an affordable art exhibition, has been a regular show at Hyderabad’s Iconart Gallery for four years since 2013. It was curated by the gallery’s founder, artist Avani Rao Gandra. This year, Avani’s daughter, Gandra Lipika Rao, takes the reins to make art more accessible to a wider demographic, including a young clientele. That’s probably why her curated exhibition is called ‘Young Collectors’ Conclave’ and will feature works by 40 artists from across the country from July 30th to August 20th.

Gandra Lipika Rao

Gandra Lipika Rao | Photo credit: special agreement

Entering the art room

Lipika quit her company job to get into the art space in 2018 and has been organizing art therapy workshops ever since. Her conversations with people in their 20s and 30s on this new journey opened up new horizons. “The younger people who are building their lives are interested in art; Some of them want to aesthetically enhance their new home but are not sure what their tastes are and where to start,” says Lipika, adding that the show is also an opportunity for youngsters to expand their art collection. “You associate art collections with the rich, but with so many emerging artists, buyers can start young and explore their own taste in art.”

Lipika grew up in a house full of art. She remembers with nostalgia: “Paintings take me back to the time when they hung on the wall. I wonder how old I was and if I had met the artist too. Art creates these emotional responses, brings joy and gives memories a special place.”

Artwork by Pradip Sau

Artwork by Pradip Sau | Photo credit: special agreement

Artists in focus

Artists in focus


Arnab Biswas

Arpitha Reddy

Avani Rao Gandra

Bhaskar Rao.B

Dileep Kumar. CP

Jaya Lakshmi .B

Karishma Wadhwa

Konda Srinivas

Lakshmi Reddy.R

Lavanya Dutt

Madhu Kuruva

Mahesh Karambele

Manjula Dubey

Manpreet Nishter

Maruthi Paila

Natraj Saraf

Niraja Bhuwal

Pradip Sau

Pramod Reddy G

Prasanth Vanama

Preethi Samyukta

Pritosha Sarkar

Raj Kumar P

Ramakrishna .V

Ramesh Nair

Ravi Kumar .P

Rayees Ahmed

Saraswati .L

Shivkumar KV

Ekta Sharma

Smita Srivastava

Sridhar Rao .C

Srikanth Dhunde

Srushti Rao

Sumana Dey

S. Vinit Kumar

Tanay Kumar

Uday Goswami

Visweswara Rao. B

The idea for an affordable show came about in January when Lipika saw her friends, who were staying at home due to lockdown restrictions, becoming more interested in decorating homes with artwork. Whenever artists emailed images of their work, her mother Avani stepped in to offer her curating experience. Though she planned to start small, the positive response encouraged her to expand the show to artists across the country.

Artwork by Saraswathi L

Artwork by Saraswathi L | Photo credit: special agreement

From natural, realistic and figurative to abstract, works have been handpicked to have a wealth of styles and expressions. Abstract works include Cubism, Impressionism and Expressionism. With prices starting at ₹2,500 and up, the range is diverse, affordable and aesthetically pleasing. “We were aware that the works shouldn’t be too abstract as that might not resonate with everyone.”

Art curation, says Lipika, is a story-telling and a learning experience. “Curation isn’t just about bringing out the best paintings. Cohesion, understanding of purpose, and introspection are vital. Artworks must fit our purpose and story, because a painting can be beautiful and still not fit our purpose or criteria. I can’t forget the fact that I take care of young people.”

By Ekta Sharma

By Ekta Sharma | Photo credit: special agreement

In addition to the physical exhibition at Iconart, Young Collectors’ Conclave is also available online ( “We (Iconart) have traditionally been an offline gallery, but with this exhibition we want to go digital to bring contemporary Indian art to international platforms.”

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