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Guild Hosts Annual Festival Volunteer Event Plus New Exhibition Opening | local news | Pro Club Bd

On Friday, August 5, the Creative Arts Guild invites the public to a gallery opening and artist reception, as well as the annual Volunteer Kick-Off festival.

The event is free.

From 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the Guild will present their August Gallery Opening and Artist Reception with two wonderful exhibits. Artist Robert Schoolfield’s exhibition opened in July and if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, this event is the perfect opportunity. A new collaborative exhibition by Audrey Batts and Alexa Lett will also open at Gallery ONE11. You should not miss these two featured shows.

The annual Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts is upon us

The evening of August 5th is also the annual Festival Volunteer Kick-Off, giving our community friends and art lovers an early opportunity to register for the big annual event, which runs September 16th-18th. Check out the list of volunteer opportunities, sign up for a time slot (or two) and be one of the first to receive a coveted Festival ’22 t-shirt.

The festival directors are full of enthusiasm and are already working on this great celebration of the arts; They would like to have as many volunteers as possible to join them (“many hands make easy and fun work”). We have many different volunteer opportunities in different areas such as: Weekend Guest Service, Artist Hospitality and more.

A link to register online for volunteer festival opportunities will be live on our website after the event. For more information about the festival, contact David George at or (706) 217-6677. You can also find out more on the guild’s Facebook page.

“A Familiar Stranger”

The Guild is pleased to present A Familiar Stranger, a wonderful exhibition of the work of Chattanooga artist Schoolfield at gallery FIVE20. He explains that his paintings “capture the viewer’s attention with unavoidable colors and then draw it with the details and lettering in the works, allowing the pieces to be studied at length.” The instinctive composition and use of color in his works is captivating catches the viewer’s eye and guides them around the surface, it’s the kind of art you can feel.

He is known for his unique style where he creates works by layering different materials and mediums, colors and some drawings in between, around and through the pieces.

Explaining that his main focus has always been to create the best artwork possible and to continually improve, he says: “My artwork will speak for itself as long as I stay true to Robert and the ‘familiar stranger’ in me.”

As an artist, he considers himself “the vehicle” and states that “there is a magnitude, a power, a kind of spirit or a responsible entity expressed in everything I see.” He translates it into all sorts of creative expressions around as if “meeting a familiar stranger.”

He says: “Creating is an opportunity and an honor. I am fortunate to be able to share an expression of my intimate moments with infinity through my art.”

His award-winning work has been featured in magazines such as Creative Bloch and Nashville Arts Magazine, and he has been featured in numerous national and international exhibitions. If you’re visiting Chattanooga, be sure to check out his gallery in his hometown of Area 61.

Audrey Batts and Alexa Lett

The new exhibition at gallery ONE11 is a collaboration between textile artists Batts and Lett. Batts is from Dalton and a friend of the guild. Lett is from Chattanooga. These artists did not know each other until they were introduced and asked if they would be willing to work together on this exhibition. They have since become friends and look forward to both exhibiting at the guild.

Batts picked up an embroidery needle and dental floss for the first time at an embroidery for beginners class in 2018 and she loved it. She started out with pre-made designs and cheap materials, but as her skills improved she began designing her own hoops, using upcycled fabrics and sharing her creations online.

She says, “What I like most about creating my hoop earrings is that when people first see it, they say how and why they relate to it. I love connecting with people and I’ve found that I enjoy doing this the most through my art. As I prepared for this exhibition, I looked at the tires I had created over the past few years and looked for a theme in my work to focus on. Immediately, one of my favorite Talking Heads songs came on the radio, “Naive Melody: This Must Be the Place.” As I thought about the lyrics, I saw the theme, clear as day, the theme of home.”

Lett participated in our Festival Indoor Patron Exhibit and we are delighted to have her work back in our gallery. She is an avid collector of antiques, quilts, embroidery, haberdashery, books, photographs, fabrics and anything kitschy.

She says: “This collection has become a huge treasure. It had to become less…become something else…disappear. This frenzied bunch became the inspiration for my latest work. sewing is what i do; it seemed only natural to use the huge pile of supplies growing in my garage.

“My fondness for the worn, torn and used turned into unique pieces of art. The unfinished needlepoint craft kits, former stranger’s pack blankets, and old-fashioned, moth-eaten youth clothes are now being repurposed through hours of layering and sewing. Essentially, I’m constantly collaborating with a creative stranger.”

The gallery opening and festival launch event are free and open to the public; light refreshments are available. Gallery openings and artist receptions are great opportunities not only to see unique and compelling art, but also to engage in informal conversations with the artists and learn about their inspirations, mediums and techniques.

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