Artist brings Jersey Shore towns to life with illustrated maps

Artist brings Jersey Shore towns to life with illustrated maps | Pro Club Bd

Jessie Husband illustrates vivid maps of coastal towns. (Photo courtesy of Jessie Husband)

SEASIDE HEIGHTS – An East Coast artist captures the beauty of coastal cities with her creative illustrations of neighborhood maps.

Her latest creation with Seaside Heights features the famous boardwalk along with the Ferris wheel and a lighthouse representing the Breakwater Beach water park. Beyond the boardwalk you can see people swimming in the ocean and a sunset sky stretching the streets of Seaside Heights.

Artist Jessie Husband decided to share her work and pursue her passion full-time as the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“I’ve been making art for a very long time, since I was in high school. But lately, I’ve been giving it my all for the last maybe five years, which means I’ve started publishing my work and selling it on my website,” Mann said. “When the pandemic hit, I was fired from my job. I was working for a trade show design company and all of that died down. In 2020 I started doing illustrations full-time. I am continuing it now and have no plans to return to project management.”


The husband’s idea of ​​recreating neighborhood maps began in the city of Philadelphia, where she currently resides. What started out as a favor grew into something much bigger over time.

“It really started when I was making a card for a school auction. One of my friend’s children went to public school in Philly. All of the kids were mostly in the Fairmount neighborhood and we thought it would be cool to do a map of that. Then we auctioned it off for a school fundraiser. It all started with this card. Then I just started drawing more neighborhoods because I was having so much fun, the husband said.

Although Husband lived in Philadelphia, she began to expand and her love for the coastal beaches was an easy decision for her next card series.

“I wanted to take a break from the Philly neighborhoods and thought, ‘Well, where do people like to go in Philly?’ They love going to the Jersey Shore! That’s how I started designing towns on the Jersey Shore,” she said.

“I’ve visited all the beach towns in South Jersey and am now working my way up the coast. Seaside Heights was one of my favorite places, so that’s one of the places I started out,” she said. “For years I have always visited the Jersey Shore growing up and into adulthood. I try to visit all the coastal towns so I can get an idea of ​​what they are before I draw their maps. I love the beach so I draw these beach towns, in winter it’s nice to look at them and think about the beach. That motivates the whole winter until it’s beach season again.”

A map of Seaside Heights shows the boardwalk and other points of interest. (Photo courtesy of Jessie Husband)

The husband explained how she is visiting the city for the first time to see the layout and feel the atmosphere. She then researches landmarks online before drawing the map.

“If I haven’t visited the city in the past, I will go there and check it out. I like going to restaurants and bars and getting the general feel of the city. I also take many pictures for reference. When I get home, I start researching online. I also go to Facebook groups for that particular beach town and ask, “What’s your favorite place to eat or go out?” I ask people if they have any interesting facts or historical references. The locals are the ones I like to pick sans. I want to show things that are important to locals as well, not just the tourist crowd,” she said.

The husband credited social media with helping her artistry grow and reach a larger audience.

“This is the key to success for artists, because in the past you could only show your work in galleries. There wasn’t really a good way to get your stuff out there. But now with social media, I can reach out to Facebook groups and really engage my audience so people can find my work more easily,” Husband said.

The husband’s work is all hand drawn and created on her iPad. She said that working in layers allows her to easily move landmarks that she draws. She draws her nearest neighborhood at Seaside Park and will then move to Asbury Park.

Check out Jessie Husband’s work by visiting her website at jessie-husband.myshopify.comor their social media below and

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