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Barbados is much more than sun and sand – here’s why you should visit now | Pro Club Bd

With its diverse and welcoming environment, Barbados is known as ‘the island for everyone’. Tranquil, private resorts on white sandy beaches offer the perfect romantic getaway for couples in love. Endless opportunities for adventure, activity and learning – both in and out of the water – make Barbados the ideal place for adventure seekers
families and solo travellers. With diverse culinary options and as the birthplace of rum production and distillation, Barbados is also a destination for foodies around the world. Art lovers will also find plenty to explore in the local pottery scene, a business that has thrived on the island for centuries, by collecting and having the opportunity to witness art-making firsthand.

Approximately a three hour direct flight from Miami and a five hour direct flight from New York, Barbados is both historically and culturally rich and so much more than sun, sea and sand. The variety of activities to be enjoyed also extends to the hospitality sector, where both branded hotels and small boutique resorts offer an ideal experience for every type of traveller. The friendly and lively culture of Barbados ensures that every visitor will fall in love with the island.

Something to see

Barbados Museum and Historical Society

Home to over 500,000 artifacts and extensive collections that reflect Barbadian heritage and natural history, the Barbados Museum and Historical Society in Bridgetown is a must-visit. Like the island itself, the Barbados Museum has something for everyone: for the science buff – the Natural History Exhibition of Barbados; for curious children – the interactive children’s gallery; For the budding historian, the Shilstone Memorial Library details the island’s genealogy and history. Established in 1933, the museum is housed in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the garrison in the former British military prison and offers a comprehensive exploration of Barbados’ rich history and culture.

The Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum

Cricket is the national sport of Barbados and this museum allows sports lovers to immerse themselves in its culture on the island. The Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum in Fontabelle, St Michael immerses visitors in the world of cricket and is adjacent to the Kensington Oval, home to many famous cricket matches over the years. Its displays explore the island’s cricket history and celebrate the careers of its luminaries.

Abbey of St. Nicholas

Spread over 400 acres of sugar cane fields, formal gardens, woodland and tropical canyons in the parish of St. Peter, historic St. Nicholas Abbey is a plantation house, rum distillery and museum. Built in 1658 by Benjamin Berringer, the house is one of only three Jacobean mansions remaining in the western hemisphere. (Another, Drax Hall Great House, is also in Barbados.) The rum distillery at St. Nicholas Abbey offers visitors a fundamental lesson in Barbadian history and culture as the birthplace of the drink.

where should we eat

Oistins Bay Gardens

Oistins Bay Gardens, a well-known fishing village in the southernmost part of Barbados, is home to the famous Friday night Fish Fry. The village is packed with food vendors every other night as well, providing ample opportunities to experience authentic Bajan cuisine. This place not only offers an array of fresh food, but is also a vibrant nightlife venue where visitors can mingle with the locals over a meal.

The sea scale

Located in St. Peter next to the beautiful turquoise waters of Barbados, The Sea Shed offers guests a visually stunning place in which to relax and enjoy French-inspired cuisine. The Sea Shed is more than just a fine dining restaurant, however, as visitors can also enjoy a luxurious beach day with beach and bar access, and crew service attentive to keeping glasses filled. To add to the fun, The Sea Shed hosts a Shed Sunday where visitors can enjoy live DJ sets, champagne and rosé from 10am.

Naru restaurant and lounge

Offering an exquisite blend of traditional Caribbean and Japanese cuisine, this Asian-fusion spot is the perfect spot for those with diverse culinary tastes. Naru Restaurant and Lounge is just one of many great examples of Barbados’ diverse cuisine. The exciting dining experience that Naru offers, coupled with its prime location on the beautiful Barbados coast, makes the restaurant a must-visit.

What to discover

Crop Over Festival

Crop Over Festival is a five-week summer festival and one of Barbados’ oldest and liveliest festivals. The 200-year tradition, dating back to the 1780s, allows for complete cultural immersion. The island was once the world’s largest sugar producer and the festival originated as a celebration of the end of the sugar season. The tradition is still very much alive, with endless opportunities for locals and visitors to join in the celebrations. Also, don’t miss the Crop Over Visual Arts Festival, which features an impressive variety of art exhibitions from master and emerging artists.

West Coast Beaches

Visiting the beaches on the west coast of the island allows visitors to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Caribbean waters. Whether your agenda calls for relaxation or adventure, the white sands and turquoise waters of West Coast beaches make for the perfect destination. Visitors can laze in the sun, swim, snorkel, sail or even water ski on these beautiful shores.

South Coast Beaches

The south coast’s beaches are swept by the wind all day and are slightly better suited to high-intensity activities. Visitors can windsurf, kitesurf and swim on the beaches of Barbados’ south coast. Be sure to check out the Silver Sands area if you are interested in these activities.

East Coast Beaches

For visitors who enjoy surfing, the rugged beaches of Barbados’ east coast are a hotspot for catching that perfect wave among beautiful rock formations created by the Atlantic Ocean hitting the shore. Although these beaches are great for experienced surfers, the waters are not intended for swimming, so stay safe and out of the water when not on a board!

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