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With the confirmation that berserk will continue to serialize, there is great excitement in the fanbase. The untimely death of the legendary Kentarou Miura almost confirmed that the manga might never return, so this news came as a pleasant surprise.

The manga is overseen by Kouji Mori, who was very close friends with Miura. Kouji Mori will work with Miura’s assistants to ensure the story ends. There’s no doubt that there could be some minor changes, but that won’t prove to be a major issue. Arguably the greatest relief for fans will be to see a very special character like Guts finally achieve his goal. Guts is a highly rated character and many berserk Fans consider Guts to be the best-written character of all time, but what makes Guts so special?


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His backstory

Not many characters can compare to the extremely horrific childhood Guts had. Guts was found under a tree near his mother’s body by Shisu, who was traveling with Gambino and his group of mercenaries. She wanted a baby, so she chose Guts. Shisu was happy that she finally had a child of her own, but her happiness didn’t last long as she became one of the many victims of the plague. After Shisu left, Guts was left in the care of Gambino, who despised him.

After some time, Gambino suffered a serious injury that crippled and disabled him, requiring him to rely on Guts to survive. The role reversal infuriated Gambino, reaching a point where he was willing to do anything to hurt Guts. One day Gambino did the unthinkable and sold Guts to Donovan, who was also a mercenary. Unaware of this deal, Guts slept in his tent and was shocked to see Donovan enter his tent. The mercenary raped Guts and the poor boy had absolutely no way of saving himself. To add insult to injury, Donovan revealed that Gambino had sold Guts for a few silver pieces. Guts later managed to get revenge, but this incident left a deep scar on his mind.

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Guts had another major incident before leaving camp for good, and it affected his adoptive father, Gambino. One night, Gambino barged into his tent and attempted to kill Guts. In his drunken daze, Gambino confessed to selling Guts to Donovan. This caused Guts’ emotional wounds to reopen, and in a desperate attempt to survive, Guts eventually killed Gambino. The others in the camp woke up to the excitement and started chasing Guts. Luckily, Guts managed to survive their attacks, but he was wounded and left all alone.

His growth as a person

Guts suffered a lot in his early life, and it turned him into a recluse, only caring about wielding his sword. Guts started opening up when he joined the Band of Hawk where he met a lot of good people like Judeau and Casca. After spending time with them, Guts began to be more open about his feelings. However, his happiness was once again short-lived as most of his friends were slaughtered during the eclipse. Casca survived but was harassed by Griffith. This traumatized Guts even more and he locked himself in again. After the eclipse, Guts set out to avenge his friends and Casca, and this time he was driven only by hatred and anger. He gave everyone the cold shoulder, even the people he loved.

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Just when it seemed like Guts would never make new friends, he met Puck. At first, Guts didn’t pay attention to Puck, but as the story progressed, Guts started talking to him more. During their journey, Guts and Puck made more allies. Guts had trouble fitting in, but eventually he accepted them as his companions. For that reason alone, Guts deserves great credit, as it’s not easy to take the risk of reopening old wounds. The countless betrayals he had endured would have left any other person in their shell forever, but Guts was willing to give them a chance. He even risked his own life several times to keep her from harm.

The best ever

Guts’ story isn’t just about revenge. It’s about him fighting against all odds to live in a cruel world where anything can happen. When Guts wanted power, he was offered the chance several times, but he was never able to give up his humanity, believing it separated him from the Apostles. Guts risked his body to defeat the Apostles, who had committed multiple murders.

His greatest strength – the berserker armor puts a lot of strain on his body and if he uses it for too long, Guts could lose himself. He has the mentality to survive in the most difficult situations and face any kind of adversity head-on. All the risks, mistakes and victories he has make his character fascinating. It will be interesting to see how Mori handles Guts’ character.

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