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After the great success that was Sword Art Online, everyone wanted to partake in the Isekai craze. Fans didn’t seem to get tired of them, so both light novelists and manga creators kept coming up with stories about people sent to another world.

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But eventually, it was hard not to notice that so many Isekai stories seemed exactly the same. Many isekai anime followed outdated trends or were poorly written, which made fans appreciate the good isekai anime even more. At this point, most Isekai fans would agree that it would be better just to give new seasons to the good anime series rather than keep making bad ones.

10 How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom has a whole war to deal with

How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom managed to get two seasons in a row pretty quickly, something unheard of even for popular series these days. The second season ended with Souma really settling into his role after discovering why he was proclaimed King of Elfrieden shortly after his arrival.

However, there are still plot points that need to be addressed despite the second season having a solid ending. The light novel continues and it’s obvious that the point of the series isn’t to fight. Instead of this, How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom The focus remains on how Souma is revolutionizing this world through social reforms to make it a peaceful country.

9 Cautious hero should show Seiya & Ristarte how to repair the new worlds

cautious hero had an ending that was both a good ending and something of a cliffhanger. Seiya will do whatever it takes to save the world Ristarte sent him to, but afterwards Ristarte must break the rules to ensure he survives. As punishment, she is tasked with fixing an even more broken world than the last one she saved, and is once again given the opportunity to use Seiya to her aid.

Even if it seems like an impossible task the second time around, with a protagonist as incredibly careful as Seiya, I’m sure it’ll still be a piece of cake. Also, in the light novel, he travels to a new world and learns how to fight even with the limiters on.

8th Trapped In A Dating Sim has only completed its first arc

Trapped in a dating sim is far from the best Isekai series. The series departs from its own premise early on, and more importantly, the series is barely animated at certain points. However, that doesn’t mean the series doesn’t have fans. For people used to Isekai series, this series still offers enough twists and turns to make it worth watching.

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However, the first season of Trapped in a dating sim ended after only the first large arc was covered. There are still many revelations and surprises that would come in future seasons, including the development of Leon and Marie’s friendship.

7 The Rising of the Shield Hero must research the aftermath of the Spirit Tortoise Arc

One of the few Isekai with near popularity Sword Art Online, The Rise of the Shield Hero next season is already technically confirmed. A third season is coming, although fans aren’t sure when it will actually come out. It can’t happen too soon though, as the entire Spirit Tortoise arc has strayed from what fans wanted to see shield hero.

Light novel fans are well aware that much cooler storylines await after the Spirit Tortoise arc. This includes what happens when Naofumi meets up with the other heroes after the Spirit Tortoise Arc, as all three were relatively useless during that storyline.

6 Dog Days deserves a chance to explain its world more

Compared to many Isekai series nowadays, dog days was surprisingly healthy. There were some ecchi elements – especially considering that losing means a character’s clothing explodes, but since this series aired other series have gotten a lot bolder.

That dog days However, the universe had many aspects that remained unexplored – like the story of the two legendary heroes who appeared in the later series and how they managed to make their world such a peaceful place. If nothing else it would be great to have dog days come back just to have a low-stress isekai series for once.

5 Knight’s & Magic had just introduced its hero to a comparable villain

Knights & Magic feels like it ended right on the good part. After several episodes of working on his perfect mecha, Ernesti finally arrives at a design he can stick with for more than a few weeks. Then the main villains end up reverse engineering some of its technology to create their own weapons.

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Although Ern and his friends are able to defeat the villains, they escape and make themselves a threat down the line. Unfortunately despite Knights & Magic As one of the best mecha anime of 2010s, there is no second season in sight.

4 No game, no life has stopped with Blank, having barely challenged most of Disboard’s societies

No game, no life is the main series everyone wants a sequel to since the first season ended years ago. Fans have been waiting to find out what happened to Sora and Shiro since the series ended in 2014. The light novel has advanced by so many volumes that the series could get another two seasons and probably wouldn’t catch up.

At this point it’s the best fans can hope for right now No game, no life to get another movie. The prequel movie No game, no life zero was well received by fans and explained a bit more about how Disboard came to be. Maybe Madhouse could do sequels in the future.

3 This time, when I was reincarnated as a slime, a huge mystery ended

While I have that time Reborn as a slime The second season had some highlights, overall it wasn’t as strong as the first. Still, the story ended with a big question mark. The heroes managed to defeat Clayman with such ease that it was disappointing, but then they learned he wasn’t the big villain.

Instead, Clayman’s allies proved far stronger than Clayman himself. With these characters still walking around without anyone speaking to them, Rimuru’s quest for a safe world for his city is far from over. There is currently no confirmation This time I was reincarnated as a slime will get another season, but there’s certainly plenty of raw material left for it.

2 KonoSuba has yet to see his heroes challenge the Demon King

The worst heroes of the fantasy world KonoSuba are scheduled to return sooner rather than later. In the first two seasons, they faced two of the Demon King’s generals, but there are several more they must defeat before they can challenge the Demon King head-on.

However, if fans of KonoSuba Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely that they’ll even bother to finish the series’ story. What they really want is more Kazuma shenanigans and the most useless party members ever. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation as to when the third season will take place KonoSuba Fans still have to be patient.

1 Mushoku Tensei still has many mysteries to explain

After so many episodes focused on the adventures of Dead End, the final episode of Mushoku Tensei Season 1 ends with Rudeus alone. Forced to deal with much of the trauma of his past, he feels he has no reason to move on — save for one.

Rudeus ends up setting out determined to find his mother, who still seems to be out there without him knowing where she is. As one of the few Isekai who is good, Mushoku Tensei deserves the opportunity to finish his story. Not only does Rudeus’ family need to be collected, there are so many mysteries left unanswered.

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