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Since then, the second trailer for the upcoming one has been released chainsaw man Anime, fans have been looking for release date news. Unfortunately, there’s still nothing but confirmation that it’s coming sometime in 2022. Thankfully, there’s another, more productive way to while the wait aside from reading part 2 of the manga, of course.

There’s a lot of manga out there that has a lot of tonal or atmospheric similarities chainsaw man. These stories either share some of chainsaw man chaotic energy, have an equally unique character style, or perhaps even feature a similarly absurd plot. A lot of manga would fit as a comparison, but the ones that are about to be mentioned are much more similar than the other examples. In addition, these are also series that have not yet received an anime adaptation.


6 fire blast

fire blast would always be on this list. There are several reasons for this, some more obvious than others. For one, it’s made by the exact same mangaka, Tatsuki Fujimoto. Secondly, fire blast captures much of the same highly chaotic and unpredictable energy as chainsaw mansince it was the predecessor of Denji’s story, it was in fact the pioneer of this style.

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While Agni is certainly not the same type of protagonist as Denji, he plays a “straight man” much more than a “comedic relief” (similar to the role played by Guts berserk) the sheer absurdity of his powers in fire blast and the plot that revolves around him is a rollercoaster ride. Hopefully when the chainsaw man Anime is doing well, Mappa can pick up fire blast also.

5 Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

Technically, that next shot counts for this list and doesn’t count. Infernal Paradise: Jingokuraku doesn’t have an anime yet, but has one on the horizon. Same again chainsaw man, hell paradise has no release date other than “sometime in 2022”. That said, there is a reason why this manga has already received an adaptation. It’s a fantastical story about a seemingly “empty” shinobi elite called Gabimaru the Hollow. Gabimaru, along with his overseer and would-be executioner Yamada Sagiri, travels to a mystical island along with other death row inmates to find the Shogun’s lifeblood and be pardoned for their crimes.

It turns out there’s a lot more happening on this island than initially anticipated, and the cast of characters is quickly put to the test by the island’s monstrous and terrifying “residents”. There’s a lot that sets Jigokuraku apart, from stunning art to inherently interesting characters and even reaching the ending (which isn’t an easy task). But at the heart of this series is a genuine love of writing characters, which easily explains why an adaptation is already in the works for this IP. Hopefully the anime does justice to the manga.

4 jagaaaan

In terms of sheer absurdity, jagaaaan, an action-based pseudo-horror manga, is on the same level as chainsaw man, for sure. But instead of people making deals with different “devils”, jagaaaan features Frenzied Frogs that infect humans and turn them into terrifying Fractured Human monsters based on their deepest desires or insecurities.

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Shintarou Jagasaki is one of those infected humans, but thanks to his unique circumstances, he instead becomes a broken human warrior and is able to maintain his sanity while also using the frenzied tadpole’s supernatural powers to defeat all other monsters around him. This manga is gory, dark humor filled, sadistic, terrifying yet visually stunning in its artwork. All these aspects make it comparable to chainsaw man.

3 homunculus

homunculus is much more introspective than action-oriented, which is what distinguishes it from chainsaw man atmospheric. But the two manga definitely have a similar type of energy as her. Susumu Nakoshi is a former employee who now only has his car in his name. One day, Nakoshi is approached by a stranger named Ito Manabu and asked if he would participate in a medical study in exchange for money and some other benefits.

This study requires a trepanation, a tiny hole drilled in his skull. But the aftermath of this surgery is anything but ordinary. Nakoshi begins to see a person’s true “soul” (aka their homunculus) at a glance. homunculus is a very real and visceral story that really delves into the human condition. It mixes the “what makes a man” vibe of one of the greats of his with the visual horror aspects of chainsaw man.

2 Dandadan

Move just a little into the comedy genre, Dandadan is another series in Shonen Jump that can at least keep up chainsaw man in relation to pure chaotic energy. To explain a bit what this manga is about, just think about how it would be if both the supernatural (aliens, UFOs, etc.) and the occult (curses, ghosts, telekinesis) existed at the same time? Dandadan combines elements from both of these worlds to form a blend of top-level shonen action, hilarious physical comedy, a ravishingly well-written romance and much more.

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The series differs from all other shonen manga in many ways, while still leveraging what makes the genre so appealing in the first place. The two main characters Ken Takakura and Momo Ayase are so incredibly likeable that you can fall in love with their story with just one chapter.

1 Gachiakuta

Gachiakuta is another series that hasn’t been around for all that long, having only been released in February 2022. But even now, this manga is worth adapting. For one, the art style of Gachiakuta is absolutely incredible and unique. Mangaka Kei Urana did a fantastic job with the art for this series, and the hard edges and strong lines exude a similar vibe to Atsushi Ookubo’s works (such as soul eater and fire department). Second, Gachiakuta has a unique narrative, as a dragon quest-similar story about a boy on a journey. The central theme of this manga is the “love” people have for objects and what defines an object as “treasure” or “junk”.

in the Gachiakuta, the love and care for an object can sometimes turn those objects into “jinkis”. These Jinkis are powerful supernatural weapons with individual abilities that “janitors” use to fight sentient monsters made of literal trash. If this concept sounds absurd, it absolutely is, but Kei Urana makes it work, which Tatsuki Fujimoto did chainsaw man also.

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