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As we’ve said before, there aren’t many places that can offer “effortless cool,” but Binnel Studios, now wholly based in the former Isle of Wight Studio Glass location in St. Lawrence, does just that.

There’s only once a year an opportunity to see the latest work from the eight star artists – some of them world-renowned – when they open their studios to the public for the August bank holiday weekend.

The Eight Artists
This year’s event is a great opportunity to meet the newest artist at Binnel Studios – painter and graphic artist Sadie Tierney – as well as see new work from the artists; Molly Attrill, Matthew Chambers, Jane Cox, David Firmstone (at his Orchid House studio), Sue Paraskeva, Amanda Wheeler and Celia Wilkinson.

Binnel Studios

As you might expect when eight artists are involved, a wide range of styles and mediums will be showcased, appealing to a variety of tastes.

Molly Attrill
Molly Attrill has been a potter for over 30 years. Inspired by Bernard Leach, she first trained with his son Michael in North Devon as a repeat caster before securing a place at the prestigious Farnham Art College. She then worked in potteries in France and Canada.

In 1982 Molly started her own pottery workshop at Mersey Farm, Newchurch (now Garlic Farm). In 2014 she moved to Binnel Studios.

Molly Attrill

Molly works with both earthenware and majolica (tin-glazed earthenware). A feature of her work is her distinctive figurative decoration using brushstrokes, wax resist and sgraffito.

Jug Wish Fish by Molly Attrill

In addition to her familiar work, Molly is currently working on a range of works that follow the centuries-old tradition of using political satire as decoration.

molly says

“Our present time certainly provides material without end!”

Matthew Chambers
Award-winning ceramic sculptor Matthew Chambers began his ceramics career in 1993 as an apprentice potter, eventually leading to an apprenticeship at the Royal College of Art, London in 2004.

Matt has since worked on the Isle of Wight and has had his work represented by galleries in the UK and internationally in Paris and New York.

Filming Outside by Matthew Chambers

Matthew’s work has been acquired for several museum collections including The V&A London, National Museums Scotland and The Sevres National Ceramics Museum in Paris.

Work by Matthew Chambers

He has also collaborated with the Spanish fashion house Loewe, which has a permanent exhibition of his ceramics in its boutique in Rome.

Jane Cox
Jane Cox is a Fellow and Former Councilor of the Craft Potters Association (CPA) and a Brother and Trustee of the Art Workers Guild (AWG).

Jane at work 230

In January 2019, Jane took over as Chair of the Art Workers Guild Outreach Committee, coordinating a team that carries out projects at various institutions such as the V&A, Courtauld Institute, Watts Gallery and Imperial College. It was interesting and challenging, and a very different role for the guild master.

As Chair, she participates in the All Party Parliamentary Group on Craft (APPG), set up by the Heritage Crafts Association to raise awareness in Westminster on all aspects relevant to crafts, including the importance and funding of craft apprentices and examining current risks, threats and opportunities in the sector.

Jane Cox plates and bowls

Jane specializes in stoneware that combines slip decoration and sgraffito with translucent glazes in three main colours: ‘Aquitaine’ a rich, vibrant turquoise, ‘Loire’ a deep green and ‘Carcassonne’ a radiant blue-violet.

British Library Haj Black and White Set © Jane Cox
British Library Haj Black and White Set © Jane Cox

jane says

“If we think of precedents like William Morris in Kelmscott and the Red House, the designs in his garden were made as close to the source as possible.

“Working at Binnel, surrounded by green leaves, summer blossoms and the sea, I couldn’t be closer to my inspiration. It’s always the dream I had.”

David Feststein MBE
Award-winning painter David Firmstone MBE has been associated with art throughout his life.

David Firmstone at work)

He has won the Turner Watercolor Prize, Threadneedle Painting Prize, NOP International Painting Prize, Fabriano International Watercolor Prize and has had recent exhibitions in Italy and China.

David’s landscapes and seascapes of the Isle of Wight and abroad are incredibly stunning and must be seen in person.

David said

“All of my work deals with the sea and landscapes. I am fascinated by the marks that painters and people leave behind when they work the land.

“The spirits of artists and farm workers, past and present, shape my gaze. I work extensively in watercolor, oil and tempera; I use tradition as my touchstone and modernity as my flight.”

Whitecliff Bay by David Firmstone
Whitecliff Bay by David Firmstone

Technique is crucial to David’s aesthetic. He is constantly looking for new ways of making pictures and can never quite remember his previous approach – so each painting is an act of learning to paint again.

You can see David’s work at his studio, Orchid House, Old Park Road next to the Binnel Studios car park (where you should park to visit both studios).

Sue Paraskeva
Sue Paraskeva’s tableware collection was first developed during a residency that took her to the Isle of Wight in 2000.

In over 20 years, Paraskeva has built an international reputation working for many high profile brands in the US, Canada and Europe including the Calvin Klein Collection, Madison Avenue New York, the Design Museum London, Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge for the Hand and Flowers in Marlow and Toast.

Work by Sue Paraskeva Photography © Maria Bell
Work by Sue Paraskeva © Maria Bell

Each piece is hand cast in Paraskeva’s studio and the delicate shapes are glazed on the inside, leaving an unglazed exterior. The light gray and dark speckled ware is made from recycled porcelain and stoneware.

The pieces are fired in a reduction atmosphere to create a distinctive finish that brings the iron speckles to the fore. The porcelain is fired in an oxidizing atmosphere at high temperature in an electric kiln, creating a cream colored vitreous body which is blued for a smooth finish and strength for everyday use.

Sue Paraskeva and her wood stove © Julian Winslow
Sue Paraskeva and her wood stove © Julian Winslow

Having built her wood-fired kiln last year, you can see work from recent firings – stoneware and glazed china, stand-alone pieces and crockery.

Sadie Tierney
Sadie Tierney’s paintings and prints are based on sketches of locations, but the work takes on a life of its own through unique features and distinctive colors.

Portrait of Sadie Tierney

Trained at the Royal College of Art and recently exhibiting at Art Basel Miami and the London Art Fair, she currently has a print selected by Grayson Perry for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Previous select solo exhibitions include Flowers East Gallery, Rabley Gallery and Eton College.

Carousel by Sadie Tierney

Her work is represented in numerous public collections including the Imperial Health Charity, Bronx Museum of the Arts (New York), Gdansk Museum (Poland) and the Royal West of England Academy, as well as in private collections worldwide.

Red Dawn by Sadie Tierney

Sadie says

“I recently joined Binnel Studios and brought my Dutch Etching Press. I look forward to opening the doors and welcoming visitors over the August Bank Holiday weekend.”

Bilrost by Sadie Tierney

Amanda Wheeler
Amanda has enjoyed her new, larger studio space in this creative oasis surrounded by inspiring beautiful coastline and talented friends.

Coastal Scene by Amanda Wheeler

Amanda explained

“This new larger studio that I love has given me the freedom and space to be more creative.

“It’s symbolic, as this extra space has allowed for experimentation and larger work – so an expansion on all levels.”

Coastal Scene by Amanda Wheeler

Amanda focuses on the sea and coast and says that will always be her main inspiration.

“The more I sit, sketch and observe a place, the more it calls me back… and of course it’s never the same every time, the colours, the light, the water, always different, always challenging.”

Coastal Scene by Amanda Wheeler

Her work is constantly evolving, but primarily she paints semi-abstract coastal landscapes using acrylics and watercolours.

Celia Wilkinson
Isle of Wight-based landscape painter Celia Wilkinson works primarily in acrylic on canvas. She completed her BA Hons in 1989 at St. Martin’s College of Art, London.

Celia comes from a long line of artists in her family. Her unique painting style includes her father’s design influence and her mother’s painterly influence.

Celia Wilkinson in the studio

Her paintings are semi-abstract, vibrant and colourful, and although they depict landscapes, they are very much about her, presenting a visual diary of her life and events. Sometimes brooding, sometimes optimistic.

Celia was invited to participate in the Florence Biennale last year alongside Vivienne Westwood, receiving second place for painting and the prestigious Lorenzo Il Magnifico Award.

Summer by Celia Wilkinson

Since turning her focus to landscape in 2010, her images have developed their own unique style and are constantly evolving. Her paintings are exhibited across the UK and abroad, including at a gallery in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Celia Wilkinson works in the studio

Celia says

“At Binnel it’s great to be around other professional artists because there’s a good creative energy here – it’s a nice environment to work in.

“I also love meeting people in the studio – they like to hear where the paintings are coming from. They often fall in love with her.”

Celia’s work has been purchased by collectors worldwide.

Where and when
The summer exhibition will take place on Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August 2022 – open daily from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you are unfamiliar with St Lawrence, from Ventnor take the A3055 past Ventnor Botanic Garden to Old Park Road (on the left) and then follow the signs for Binnel Studios.

Admission is free, but don’t forget to visit the ticket office first because you might just fall in love with what you see. Credit/debit cards can also be used.

Visit the Binnel Studios website for more information.

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