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After the 3 month hiatus, Black Clover is back again with its Chapter 332 and it looks like we’re going to jump into action right away, know the release date, time and spoilers of 333

Earlier, Black Clovers author Yuki Tabata Sensei said before a hiatus that the manga will be back with a final arc after 3 months. And now, after revealing Wizard King’s identity, the manga has left all fans speechless.

Black Clover Chapter 333 Release Date and Time, Reddit Spoilers, Raw Manga Scan, History and Online Reading Sources

Black Clover Chapter 333 – Leaks and spoiler thread by BlackClover

The most anticipated chapter of the series i.e. chapter 332 started with a ceremony and ended with a cliffhanger. EEveryone thought the Wizard King would remain in the shadows for a while.

However, with the time skipped in the series, the last enemy emerges and presents himself in front of Asta, leaving the fandom wondering what will happen in the next chapter of Black Clover.

Well, no one can guess for sure, but the least we can do is summarize it. So in this article we will not only discuss the events that could happen in Chapter 333 but also information about the release date and where you can read it for free. But before that, let’s look at chapter 332 first.

Black Clover Chapter 332 Summary

In chapter 332, after the battle, Lucius appears before the wounded Lucifero and eats his heart, stating that humans are superior at magic. A time jump of one year and three months happened and later Asta was promoted to Senior Magic Knight, First Class.

Now that Asta was about to be promoted to first class and at the same time Yuno had already been promoted to Grand Magic Knight.

Something happened and due to some complications, Asta’s promotion was put on hold and he wasn’t given the same title as Yuno.

Other characters including Fuegoleon, Nozel, and Mereoleona are also the nominees to become the next wizard king, but all had turned down the idea for various reasons.

Meanwhile, Asta decides to propose to Sister Lily. However, Lily rejects him, telling him that he is like a little brother to her.

So in return he asks her to witness him becoming the Wizard King. Later, at the end, Julius appears in front of Asta and congratulates him for making it this far.

Chapter 333 Expectations

As we mentioned before, no one expected that the Wizard King could be a devil himself the entire time, let alone be the final and greatest villain to hide in the shadows until the end.

So far we don’t know Lucius’ intentions, so it will be interesting to learn about his intentions in chapter 333.

It will be very interesting to know exactly what his intentions and motives are and how he plans to initiate these things.

Now that we’ve already seen that he had presented himself as Lucius in front of Asta, we can certainly expect one thing, that Asta is the key behind his plans.

The least we can expect from Chapter 333 is Asta’s reaction after the big reveal of Julius and also the reason why he waited exactly one year and three months to reveal himself and why he decided to do it only to reveal in front of Asta?

Although he congratulated Asta on making it this far, this was only the end of Chapter 332. In Chapter 333 we may see Asta’s reaction or disbelief, just like 3 months ago.

However, the raw scans and spoilers for Chapter 333 are yet to be released. Generally, they only show up 2-3 days before the chapter’s release. Reportedly the upcoming chances for spoilers or raw scans are on August 5th.

Chapter 333 release date

When Black Clover Chapter 332 just returned from a 3 month hiatus. So we shouldn’t worry about the next chapter of Black Clover manga because it won’t be on hiatus for a while.

Not before the 2-3 consecutive releases of new chapters. And since there is no break next week, the chapter 333 is scheduled to be released on Sunday i.e. August 7, 2022 in the 36th edition of Shonen Jump.

The new chapters of One Piece, Black Clover and My Hero Academia will be released every new Sunday to continue the story and tell the final saga, unless a new break is announced otherwise.

Once the chapter is published, you can read it for free on different platforms such as vizmedia, mangaplus and Shonen Jump official application.

Although you can only read the first 3 and the last chapters for free, if you want to read the full manga so far, you need to pay a minimum subscription fee for the websites mentioned above.

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