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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation shifted the focus from Naruto and the rest of Konoha 11 to the latest heroes ready to wear the mantle of Leaf Shinobi. One of Naruto The sequel’s standout talent is Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. Sarada aspires to become the future Hokage, just like Naruto did, and slowly seems closer to her ultimate goal. However, based on her legacy and the heroics she has shown so far, Sarada should be more powerful than she currently is – with the potential to grow exponentially.

As the daughter of Konoha’s strongest kunoichi—and one of the most powerful Uchiha that ever lived—and a skilled medical ninja, Sarada certainly has big shoes to fill. She might have had trouble unlocking and using the Sharingan at first, but after a particularly intense battle with Boro from the Kara group, Sarada unlocked the third Tomoe. A three-tomoe sharingan is the highest level of maturity most Uchiha achieve, meaning she has all of the base abilities of the enviable eyes, including jutsu mimicry, motion tracking, and genjutsu immunity, at her disposal. Despite her obvious blessings, the maturation of her eyes is not her end. Sarada’s physical strength and experience are yet to catch up with her skills.

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Along with the cheat code that is the Uchiha bloodline, Boruto‘Sarada also has the chakra control abilities and medical ninjutsu that Sakura drills into her. The end goal of her training with Sakura should be the forbidden One Hundred Healing Jutsu, but even her journey to attaining the Forehead Seal should grant her significant buffs.

The first and most obvious should be the terrifying raw power that Sakura and Tsunade were known for, which Sarada is already slowly acquiring. The second is the very fine chakra control that even Sasuke couldn’t master at her age. The ability to optimize her jutsu’s chakra consumption and land devastating melee hits gives her the best of her parents’ world.

Sarada’s basic Sharingan alone, along with her brute strength and future mark of Hundred Heals would be more than enough power to compete for the Hokage title. But that might not be all she had to work with; Masashi Kishimoto himself has teased a Mangekyo Sharingan-wielding Sarada. With the constant regeneration that Hundred Heals would grant her, Sarada could perhaps offset the worst effects of the Mangekyo Sharingan, or at least use her new abilities with less discomfort than other Uchiha. That would give her another power buff with the Susanoo, not to mention the unique abilities she would unlock in each Mangekyo Sharingan Ward.

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In Sarada’s case, a full-bodied Susanoo might be unnecessary anyway. The trending one Boruto has seen the series of kaiju-like monsters move away as an absolute show of force. Jigen’s battle against Naruto and Sasuke’s gigantic forms proved how outdated they had become against the Otsutsuki, an enemy Sarada may have had to face constantly. Like the other members of Team 7, Sarada may be more interested in jutsus, which drastically increase her strength without necessarily increasing her size.

By following the rules of a rasengan, squeezing just a fraction of a full-bodied Susanoo’s chakra into an almost figure-hugging avatar would result in explosive power from her most casual movements. Refraining from using a massive Susanoo would also further reduce the risk of Mangekyo Sharingan Blindness if her Hundred Cure Mark doesn’t eliminate it entirely.

None of this was confirmed in the Boruto Manga, so Sarada’s “full potential” remains fans’ wildest dreams for now. Just imagining how impressive she could be makes her usually lackluster performances all the crazier, especially since she’s arguably more talented than either of her parents of the same age. Keeping up with special cases like Boruto and Kawaki will be a tough challenge, but their Otsutsukification doesn’t justify how far they’ve outpaced Sarada. Eventually, the future Hokage is expected to be able to deal with threats approaching his proficiency level.

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