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“You know, a lot of people really struggle to give themselves permission to be creative. And reasonably so. I mean, we’re all a little suspicious of our own talent,” says Ethan Hawke, American actor, in a recent TED Talk titled Give yourself permission to be creative.

This begs the question: does human creativity work? Yes, really Matter?

SpringAs Hawke puts it, “Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about poetry. Right? Suddenly you desperately long to make sense of this life or the universe – something great. You meet someone and your heart explodes. Has anyone ever felt like this? What is happening with me?”

“And [at that moment art is no longer] a luxury, it is actually sustenance. we [as humans] to need.”

So that leads to another question, which is, “Why are children? So good at being creative?’ What’s her secret? Hawke says that “the attraction of habit is so great, and that’s what makes children so wonderfully creative; they have no habits and they don’t care if they’re good or not, do they?”

“They don’t build sandcastles and say, ‘I think I’m going to be a really good sandcastle builder.’ They just rush into any project that’s thrown at them – dancing, painting, building – whatever opportunity they have, they try to use it to inculcate their individuality in you.”

That’s why it is significant that you give yourself permission to be creative and fair within your industry do it. Stop worrying or thinking, “What if people don’t like it?” Just express yourself, because that’s how you will encourage and reach your target audience.

Here’s a closer look at three brands that have given themselves permission to take their brand to the next level in terms of creativity. Ready? Let’s do this:

1st Sound Idea Sessions event

This event is about being different than your average business conference. It’s about mixing thought leadership with music and making it a fun and unique experience — Everyone while imparting important and useful tips and tricks to the participant.

So did this brand just announce their event on social media or on a billboard? No, it went an unconventional route instead. This brand tried to break a Guinness World Record brand awareness and make sure that people were speak about the upcoming event.

One of the keynote speakers at this event is South Africa’s only DJ Black Coffee, and so the event created a coffee grounds mosaic of the artist. This created a big Enthusiasm surrounding the event and on top of that she actually broke the world record and received an official Guinness World Records™ title!

This brand shows what heights are possible when you give yourself permission to be creative.


We all know that LEGO has always been marketed to children, but “the first 18+ branded LEGO products hit shelves in Summer 2020”. so, how on Earth is a children’s brand focused on adult-specific products? Well it got to be because you’ve decided to no longer hold back your targeted creativity.

This works well, especially as the millennial generation loves to feel nostalgic and probably played with LEGO bricks growing up. It also allows adults to play and get a sense of calm as they can focus on what they are creating instead of focusing on the demands of everyday life. LEGO has many different sets for adults that allow them to practice mindfulness and just have something creative Fun.

3. Maserati

Luxury car brand Maserati decided to stop participating in car events because their brand was lost among other luxury car brands.

So what was his alternative solution?

The brand started presenting its vehicles around air shows. That is such a creative approach as other car brands have never thought of it. The brand’s airshow stunt works Yes, really well that would be it only car brand at the airshows. Plus, if folks who might want to buy a private jet can’t afford it, they could Instead, look at a Maserati. Nice tactic, right?

Creativity takes many forms and this brand showed it by doing something unexpected.


What other reasons do you think marketers should give themselves permission to be creative? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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