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Painting your living room a bold hue will make the room pop, but it’s certainly not the easiest route. For a less labor-intensive way to add color to your surroundings, look at your accent furniture and decor.

These five ideas, executed entirely with pieces from The Home Depot’s online collection, show how easy it is to take your living room from subdued to vibrant without major design overhauls. So tap on the color spectrum to update this key zone.

Choose jewel-colored accent chairs

Instead of replacing the anchor of your living room (the sofa), add color to the furniture with accent chairs. Here, a pair of deep blue velvet armchairs contrast with the neutral sofa. Jewel tones are always an elegant option that add richness without being overwhelming.

The Home Depot carries out seating in all shades aubergine to emerald green to blue green, so that there is a style for every taste. Look for saturated hues paired with brass or gold touches to add warmth and a glamorous touch.

Show dynamic tones

Open shelving, like a bookcase or even a single wall shelf, offers an easy way to add color and personality to your living room. When purchasing decorative items, consider the size of the space between your shelves as you want to make sure they fit.

the home depot shelf styling

David Tsay

Overlay your shelves with finds from your travels, plants, books and ceramics, and vary the tones, dimensions and textures to create a dynamic composition. You can mix an up Blue and white porcelain vase with a looped gold sculpture. Hanging plants, like easy care pothoslocated on the top shelf break up a horizontal display and add an organic feel to the room (not to mention a rich shade of green).

Layer saturated pillows over a neutral sofa

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to change the vibe of a room. You can even do it seasonally. The key is to start with a neutral sofa that gives you the most flexibility in the palette. Incorporate hues found elsewhere in the room; In this room, the blush and mauve throw pillows echo the pink tones of the wall art.

This is also an opportunity to play with texture and form to add even more allure to a space. This Emerald Pillow features plush velvet in a woven chevron pattern throughout this round Royal blue pillow takes an unexpected shape.

Add abstract art with pops of color

Think of your walls as a blank canvas for artwork. Abstract art is a fun and expressive way to add color to a space without committing to a specific scene or image like figurative art would. Look for pieces with shades that complement your overall palette and give the artwork pride of place above the sofa.

the abstract art of the home depot

David Tsay

Avoid numerous smaller pieces for a few larger frames or a single, meaningful painting this large-scale impressionist work. To create a diptych or triptych, choose artworks with the same dimensions and similar colors, such as this painterly print and this geometric.

Come alive with coffee table styling

Use your coffee table as a rotating canvas for bright and beautiful objects like sculptures vases and real or artificial flowerswhich can be stacked on a glossy navy blue serving tray. More is less when it comes to tabletop styling; Limit yourself to just a few items at a time for greater impact.

Create a vignette with objects of different heights that is more pleasing to the eye than a flat arrangement. Use the sharp, linear silhouettes of coffee table books to contrast with the larger items on your table. (This may be the only chance to judge a book by its cover—go for something bright!) Your coffee table will be viewed from every angle, so take a spin around the table to make sure your composition works in 360 degrees.

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