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First details for Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2022 | Pro Club Bd

Frieze London and Frieze Masters take place October 12th to 16th in Regent’s Park, which brings together galleries from 42 countries to celebrate the city’s creative spirit. Led by Eva Langret, Frieze London will showcase over 160 of the world’s leading contemporary galleries. Frieze Masters, directed by Nathan Clements Gillespieoffers over 120 galleries showcasing work from ancient to modern.

Eva Langret, Director of Frieze London, said: “This year’s show promises to not only celebrate London’s cultural life but also showcase its global reach. Our list of participating galleries reflects the city’s position as an international hub and brings together some of the most exciting galleries, from big names to emerging galleries. Our dedicated sections of Focus and Indra’s Net will encourage discovery and highlight some of the most exciting creative ideas shaping contemporary art conversations today.’

Nathan Clements Gillespie, Director of Frieze Masters, added: “2022 marks an exciting year for Frieze Masters as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the show and our launch in Seoul. This year the fair offers an unmissable mix of art from six millennia of history, featuring some of the most beloved personalities as well as previously unknown talents. From Neolithic China to Nigeria in the 1960s, the opportunity for discovery is particularly evident in our special sections Spotlight, curated by Camille Morineau and AWARE, dedicated to pioneering women artists of the 20th century, and Stand Out, curated by Luke Syson returns.’


homa delvaray, khash2021, fabric collage on board, wooden rollers and steel rod, Courtesy of Dastan Gallery and the Artist

A strong lineup of galleries from around the world will be attending Frieze London 2022, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the work of some of today’s most important artists and discover new names. In addition to the main part of the fair, focus is dedicated to galleries established in the last 12 years.

The fair will once again spotlight new ideas that are shaping conversations about contemporary art today. Sandhini Poddar (Adjunct Curator at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi) will curate this year’s special section “Indra’s Net,” a term derived from Buddhist and Hindu thought that refers to an ethics of being in which a single atom is the fabric of reality within itself carries . Poddar describes the idea as “a giant jeweled web: at each node is a reflective sphere that mirrors and refracts every other sphere in its entirety. Each part is held within the whole in a system of dependent origination. All sentient life is interconnected and interdependent; Shifts to one atom subtly change the rest.’

‘Indra’s Net’ will include 10 dedicated presentations as well as a series of cabinet-style displays scattered throughout the main area of ​​the show.

Dorothy Cross sculpture of a skeleton hand with 1 silver fingertip
Dorothea Kreuz, fingertip bead2011, Hand bones, fingertip bones overgrown with black-lipped oyster nacre, Image courtesy of the artist and the Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

Across the park, Frieze Masters will bring together art from six millennia—from rare antiques to Old Master paintings to 20th-century luminaries—creating a destination where visitors can rediscover art history.

David Teniers the Younger, an alchemist in his workshop
David Teniers the Younger An alchemist in his workshopOil on canvas, courtesy of Johnny Van Haeften

The much celebrated headlight This year’s Frieze Masters section is curated by Camille Morineau (co-founder and research director of AWARE – Archives of Women Artists, Research, and Exhibitions) and the AWARE team and is dedicated to women artists.

From 2021 Frieze Masters will also include the section Stand out, curated by Luke Syson (Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), which this year will focus on the idea of ​​global exchange, bringing together art objects from all eras that are magnificent works of design, sculptural and conceptual brilliance. Stand out looks beyond hierarchical distinctions between artworks in different media, rethinking art objects that are often labeled as “decorative” or “functional”.

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