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Reserve Bank of India

This internship plan is only open to those pursuing a research or PhD degree in economics, finance, banking or a related field. B.Tech and BE candidates with acceptable computer skills, data analysis skills and related degrees in economics, statistics or finance would also be eligible to participate in the RBI internship program.

Here’s everything you need to know about the RBI internship:

  1. The duration of this internship program is six months.

  2. The internship programs are conducted in two sessions by the department. The first takes place in January, the second in July.

  3. Applicants are urged to leave their application at least 5 months behind in order to get a position in the internship projects.

  4. If an applicant wishes to start in January, they must apply in August of the previous year. Candidates must apply in February of the current year to be considered for the July session.

  5. Scholarship – For this internship program, each successful candidate will receive a stipend of up to Rs 35,000 per month.

  6. Those wishing to apply should contact and upload their CV or application form.

NITI Aayog

The Planning Commission was responsible for all program developments and related decisions. Later the department was redesigned and the NITI Aayog took its place. Internship programs at a variety of government agencies are also available through this department.

NITI Aayog’s internship programs are not limited to a specific group of students. All students who are completing a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree can apply.

Here is everything you need to know about the NITI Aayog internship:

  1. The duration of this program was set at 6 weeks. If the department head sees a need for an extension, the program duration can be extended to a maximum of three months.

  2. The application lines are open for the first ten days of each month, so interested parties can apply at any time.

  3. To apply, click on the official link, go to NITI Aayog Internship Program official website and fill out the application.

  4. Interns are not compensated for their participation in the internship program. They only receive a certificate at the end of their term of office, after they have submitted their project report.

Ministry of Culture

Museums are more than just places to view historical relics and documents. They are repositories for the records and artifacts that define the country’s identity. The Ministry of Culture is responsible for these museums. However, as these unique places require special attention, a separate wing has been set up to oversee their upkeep. Because museums require the restoration of historical objects, the internship program only accepts students who have a background in related fields. During the selection process, preference will be given to any college or university student with a degree in anthropology, art history, history, science, archaeology, museology, languages, sculpture, librarianship or fine arts.

Here is everything you need to know about the internship at the Ministry of Education:

  1. Internship programs are divided into two sessions: summer and winter. The summer sessions can last six, nine, or twelve months, while the winter session lasts nine to twelve months.

  2. Summer courses start in May, June or July. Winter courses could start in December, January or February.

  3. Application Deadline – If a candidate is interested in a summer internship, he or she must apply by March 10th. If the applicant wishes to participate in the winter internship program, they must apply by December 10th.

  4. Scholarship – No financial stipend will be awarded by the department to shortlisted applicants.

  5. Under the link, all interested applicants will receive information on the necessary admission requirements, application period and procedure as well as documents. All documents in the list must be uploaded.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This central government department is responsible for maintaining India’s diplomatic relations with other countries. They plan to organize meetings and send representatives to overseas events to represent India. Any candidate given the opportunity to participate in this internship will gain knowledge of foreign policy making. If the candidate wishes to participate in programs that fall within the graduate category, they must apply locally. If the applicant wishes to participate in postgraduate projects, he or she must apply as an offsite candidate.

Here’s everything you need to know about the State Department Internship:

  1. This internship program can last from one month to six months.

  2. According to internship drafts, only 30 applications would be accepted by the State Department.

  3. Applicants can submit their application at any time. If you want to improve your chances of being selected, submit your application one month before selection begins.

  4. Interns are not paid for participating in these programs, similar to the NITI Aayog Scholarship.

  5. All applicants must be college or university accredited. You will also need three valid forms of identification, Aadhar card details, a NOC, and a recommendation from a college or university HOD. The authorized pages of this department are and

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