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Why the Hogwarts Legacy release date leak might be the real deal | Pro Club Bd

Hogwarts legacy is one of the most anticipated games of this year. Obviously, controversy has already been sparked around its conception and the author of the source material, but there are many still eager to experience the unwritten mythology that WB Games Avalanche created Hogwarts legacy‘s distinctive wizarding world. Hogwarts legacy The release is still tentatively scheduled for sometime this holiday, but with that window fast approaching with no concrete release date to look forward to, fans have become skeptical that window will be met.


Lately, Hogwarts legacy may have received a potentially significant leak from Amazon’s UK retailer. The retailer now lists a compendium entitled Artbook The Art and Crafting of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring the Unwritten Wizarding World this is available for pre-order. Remarkably, the art book has now been spotted on the UK version of the site with a release date of December 6th. This has led fans to believe that the game will then be officially released alongside the book, and there are several parallels supporting this release date from another art book compendium published by Insight Editions.

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The Gotham Knights Collector’s Compendium lends credibility to the Hogwarts legacy

The most significant evidence of this so far Hogwarts legacy‘s release date is in fact December 6th Gotham Knightsanother property of Warner Bros. Interactive and WB Games. Gotham KnightsThe Official Collector’s Compendium will be released on the same day as the game, October 25th, and its pre-order listing on Amazon will correctly match this information.

Interesting, Hogwarts legacyAmazon’s own compendium is listed with a placeholder date of December 31st at Amazon’s NA retailer, while the UK retailer lists it with a December 6th release date. This may be due to Amazon’s UK listing incorrectly leaking the release date, where the NA retailer has yet to confirm its date so as not to spoil the planned release date. However, as VGC has pointed out, Gotham Knights‘ Compendium is officially released on a Tuesday. This seems to coincide with Hogwarts legacyThe release of the compendium on December 6th, which also happens to be a Tuesday, may further bolster its legitimacy.

Amazon’s UK retailer, which is changing its date from the above December 31 placeholder, may or may not propose an official release date announcement for Hogwarts legacy is imminent. Ultimately, while this information appears to be a proper leak enough for it to be legit, fans will have to wait for an official confirmation to be announced. Before that happens, however, fans should take this Amazon UK listing with a grain of salt.

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If the Hogwarts legacy was delayed, it probably would have happened by now

Further, Hogwarts legacyThe compendium’s release date, if correct, would also indicate that the game will not experience a delay. With the holiday season just a few months away, it’s strange that an official release date hasn’t been announced yet. This has led many fans to believe that Hogwarts legacy could be delayed again, whether due to internal development issues or other concerns in the final months of polish before launch. Hogwarts legacy is able to operate here in special circumstances where, without a confirmed release date, they can still delay it further if needed and not completely upset fans’ expectations of when it might be ready for launch.

All fans had to leave was a release window this holiday, and that could still be pushed back if WB Games Avalanche needed it. However, the compendium suggests that such a delay will not occur and that fans will receive the game if previously announced by WB Games Avalanche. This would be a relief for gamers whose highly anticipated games have been delayed lately, and would mark this fall and holiday season as extra special for WB Games releases with either Gotham Knights and Hogwarts legacy.

Hogwarts legacy is scheduled for release in 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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