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The South Florida Vrbo is sure to delight art lovers | Pro Club Bd

You don’t have to be an art historian to appreciate this masterpiece. Located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in South Florida, this art-filled vacation home is a sight to behold. Each room is decorated with a theme dedicated to a famous artist.

Dubbed Arthouse 851, this five bedroom, three and a half bath Vrbo is a beautiful place to celebrate special occasions. The villa is perfect for bridal and baby showers, family reunions, birthdays and more. Or just relax and soak up the Florida sun in this state-of-the-art villa.

Arthouse 851 has decor adjoining the art…literally. With wall-to-wall artwork, it’s almost like sleeping in a museum! Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Unassuming exterior of Arthouse 851

Photo credit: Vrbo

Excellent central location

Nestled among Art Deco and Mediterranean Revival homes in the heart of upscale Hollywood Lakes, Arthouse 851 is located in Hollywood, Florida, just 10 minutes south of Fort Lauderdale and less than half an hour from Miami. In fact, this vacation rental is less than five miles from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

This great corner lot is within walking distance to several attractions including the coastal mangrove wetlands of the Anne Kolb Nature Center which is only about 1 mile away. Beautiful parks as well as a public golf course, boat launch and marina are also nearby. One of the best beaches and boardwalks in the Sunshine State is just a 16 minute walk away.

Hollywood Beach is home to white sand and gorgeous views. Bike, skate or stroll down the promenade, which is dotted with bars and restaurants, shops, live music and other entertainment. Seafood restaurants with sunset views can be found along the Stranahan River. Of course, downtown Hollywood has shopping, dining, festivals and more all in close proximity.

From the outside, Arthouse 851 looks like an ordinary residence in a South Florida suburb. But as we know at Zillow Gone Wild, looks can be deceiving. Here’s a look inside the house.

Bedroom with ballerina paintings on the wall

Ballerina bedroom

Photo credit: Vrbo

Ballet Bedroom

This bedroom pays homage to realist Edgar Degas’ famous depictions of ballet dancers.

Bedroom with Picasso paintings on the wall

Picasso bedroom

Photo credit: Vrbo

Picasso bedroom

Various paintings by Pablo Picasso adorn the walls of this bedroom including The old guitarist from the artist’s Blue Period.

colorful playroom with blue floor, pool table and Marilyn Monroe poster

Colorful playroom

Photo credit: Vrbo

Pop Art Playroom

Andy Warhol’s famous multicolored screenprints of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon adorn the walls of this colorful playroom. Highlights include a light blue marble floor, pool table, and classic arcade games like Mortal Combat II and Ms. Pac-Man.

colorful lip prints hang over the pacman arcade game next to the blue and orange bars

Game room in Arthouse 851

Photo credit: Vrbo

The games room also features a bar with neon signs that read ‘Resting Beach Face’ and ’15 minutes of fame starts here’.

Dining room decorated with surrealist art

Surreal dining room

Photo credit: Vrbo

Surrealistic dining and living room

life does Not Imitate art in Arthouse 851’s living and dining room (unless you’re into psychedelics!). Surrealistic scenes à la the Spaniard Salvador Dali surround these rooms.

Hallway with Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh on the wall

Starry Night Hallway

Photo credit: Vrbo

Starry Night Hallway

Who needs immersive exhibits when your vacation rental is a work of art? Grab a bite to eat at Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bar, which features a mural by Vincent Van Gogh The starry night in the background. Bonus points if you put on Don McLean’s “Vincent” for a truly immersive experience.

Arthouse 851 rear patio with BBQ and hot tub

Hot tub and BBQ on the back patio

Photo credit: Vrbo


Leaving the fine art indoors, we head out onto the patio, which features a hot tub, ivy-covered wall and BBQ, where you can master the art of cooking. (Okay, I promise that’s the ultimate artistic pun!) There’s also an upstairs balcony at the front of the house.

Sun loungers in courtyard behind vrbo

Lounge area off the rear terrace

Photo credit: Vrbo

Sit back and relax in these beautiful luxurious lounge chairs. LED lights on the walls create atmosphere at night. This place is pet friendly, but the hosts would probably prefer it if you stopped Fido from relieving himself on the artificial grass yard.

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