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San Diego itself is a popular travel destination, with its incredible weather and variety of food. On the outskirts of town, along the coast, travelers can discover the rugged Point Loma Peninsula. Here travelers can do much more than just enjoy stunning views of the area or watch a sunset. This spot offers travelers much more than just that.

Travelers can venture on trails that lead them to shore to explore tide pools and all the life within. You can learn about the history of the area at the Cabrillo National Monument. You can also venture into the water to dive into the seaweed fields. When they’re done, they can head to the marina or the former Naval Training Center for the evening’s entertainment.


Why the Point Loma neighborhood is so famous

Point Loma is a cliff-lined peninsula popular with travelers for the natural, aesthetic views it creates, the Cabrillo National Monument at its peak, hiking trails that lead to tide pools, and its active marina. It’s also home to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, which is a popular sunset spot, and the former Naval Training Center, which has been converted into a bustling center with many shops and restaurants. There are also a variety of seafood restaurants and Humphreys Concerts by the Bay offers live music.

  • Humphreys Concerts on the Bay – Schedule
  • Point Loma, tide pool – Hiking map
  • Cabrillo National Monument – Around

What to do in the Point Loma neighborhood

Point Loma may be a coastal destination, but there aren’t any real beaches there. However, it is one of the best places in San Diego to have the experience of watching waves crashing on cliffs and exploring the tide pools on the rocky reefs teeming with life. Visitors to Point Loma can find Cabrillo National Monument at the very tip of Point Loma. The monument pays homage to the explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. He led an expedition in 1542. The point is not only home to the monument and associated coastal views, but is also the location for access to some of San Diego’s most impressive tide pools. Travelers should take care to arrive at low tide. Here’s a chart you can check to make sure it’s easier.

Not far away, travelers can discover a working marina. It’s usually full of excursions that come and go. There are sport fishing trips as well as whale watching trips. For those who wish to stay on land there is a thriving arts district with historic architecture, great shops, restaurants, community events, Sunset Cliffs Park, a coastal park with panoramic Pacific views and stunning rock formations.

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There are more than just a few worthwhile excursion destinations around Point Loma. Travelers can enjoy stunning coastal views or perhaps take a stroll along a marina and discover a new place to eat. You can find both here. Here are some for travelers to consider.

  • Cabrillo National Monument – Explore California’s history with breathtaking views of San Diego, the bay, the rugged Pacific coast and, if timed well, gray whales.
  • Point Loma Lighthouse – Learn about the story and adjacent tide pools to see the creatures.
  • Osprey Point – good fishing from the rocks and a textured retaining wall where climbers come to train.
  • Point Loma Marina – Shops, restaurants, sport fishing and whale watching.
  • art district – Liberty Station for art, history, shopping, dining, events and a stroll along the waterfront park.
  • Humphreys Concerts on the Bay – Entertainment by the water.

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There are some things to do in Point Loma that have consistently attracted travelers traveling to the area. With such a stunning rocky coastline there are so many activities to partake in.

  • Enjoy the coastal habitat – Watch tide pooling and sunsets.
  • Scuba diving – Offshore in the seaweed beds is popular with divers here. However, a boat is the only practical way to explore them.
  • sport fishing – Boats line the harbor at Point Loma taking anglers for 1/2 day, 3/4 day, twilight and overnight trips.

When to Visit the Point Loma Neighborhood

June, July and August are always good bets to visit Point Loma as the average daily rainfall during these months is close to zero. However, these middle months of the year are also the most popular for tourism to Loma Point. The weather in Point Loma is pretty nice all year round. So if travelers want to avoid crowds, May and September are also good times to visit. The most important part of timing is to see the tide pools at low tide while travelers do.

  • Suggestion (mass ok) – June to August
  • Suggestion (masses out of order) – May and September
  • low tide chart

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