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After a year of relatively underperforming sets like Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate and Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Magic: The Gathering has ripped the game wide with Double Masters 2022. A reprint set focused on re-issuing some of the game’s biggest and spiciest cards, it’s packed with potential value.

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With so many offerings in Double Masters 2022, it can be difficult to know which cards you’ve drawn and what each might be worth. Here are the ten most valuable cards of Double Masters 2022, based on TCGPlayer’s market average as of July 13, 2022.


Port extortionist (foil etched) – $138.59

Double Masters 2022 was the first-ever reboot of this Commander staple, which can reach up to 50 even in a base version. It’s by far one of Red’s best ways to generate treasure counters, and has the power to put you way ahead of the rest of the table’s resources.

Etched foil prints are only available in Collector’s Boosters, making this version of the card the rarest of them all.

Wrenn and Six (Foil Etched) – $139.43

Wrenn and Six has always been a highly requested card as it’s a staple of the Modern format. Even the base edition of it is worth a hefty swipe ($70.67), but of course the introduction of not one, but two new pressure treatments has sent the price skyrocketing.

Wrenn and Six’s power lies in its +1 ability, which returns a land from your graveyard to your hand. Combine it with any type of fetchland, and you instantly have a way of making sure you play at least one land every turn. In a format as fast as Modern, even the lack of a landdrop can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Imperial Seal – $139.80

The only card on this list that isn’t an alternate image or foil is Imperial Seal. First printed in the 1999 Portal: Three Kingdoms Starter Kit, this is the first time this card has ever seen a booster pack reprint. While the original Three Kingdoms version still sells for well over $1500, this version is a little cheaper.

Imperial Seal is a great card for Commanders. It does the same as a vampiric tutor, only at cast speed and not instantaneously. It makes a difference in other formats, but since Commander only allows you to play one card of each card anyway, you can play two one-mana Tutors in a single deck.

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Imperial Seal (rimless) – $154.26

The second of only two cards on this list you might find in a draft booster (the first being the base Imperial Seal), this full-bleed art version features artwork by Mark Tedin, a longtime Magic artist who has created illustrations for famous cards like Chaos made Orb, Braingeyser, City of Brass and the original Emrakul, The Aeons Torn.

At just $15 more than the basic Imperial Seal, it’s not too unreasonable to splash out for this version if you’re looking to add a bit of class to your deck. Then again, it’s still close to the price of a full booster box of most other Magic sets…

Emrakul, The Aeons Torn (Textured Foil) – $188.44

Some of the biggest inclusions in Double Masters 2022 are the three Eldrazi Titans. These are some of the scariest creatures in the entire game, thanks to their triggers, high stats, and devastating annihilation abilities.

Despite being the cheapest of the three, Emrakul is the most notorious of the three. It grants you one more turn on cast, which combined with its inability to be countered and protection from all colors was more than enough to ban it in Commander format.

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (textured slide) – $212.52

Kozilek isn’t as strict as Emrakul, only giving you four cards instead of an extra whole round. Still, a 12/12 for ten generic mana is incredibly powerful – and the fact that it’s not outlawed in Commander like Emrakul probably helps keep the price high.

Textured Foiling is a new printing process introduced in Double Masters 2022. Only found on a few specific cards in Collector’s Boosters, they give the card an almost cloth-like look and feel that’s radically different from the regular and etched foils we’ve seen before.

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Liliana, the Last Hope (Textured Foil) – $214.82

Along with Aminatou (who doesn’t even make the top ten for this set’s value), Liliana is the face of Double Masters 2022. Take a new foil method, give it to one of Magic’s most popular characters, and place it on one of them their better cards, and the result is a piece worth over $200.

While The Last Hope isn’t typically the most valuable Liliana card of all time, with base versions costing under $15, it’s far from bad. It’s great for any deck that uses black, and can control the board with its +1 ability or advance graveyard strategies with its -2. It’s an all round card and this beautiful textured foil print by Scott M. Fischer makes it even better.

Ulamog, The Infinite Gyre (Textured Foil) – $228.92

The most valuable of the Eldrazi Titans can destroy any target permanent just by being cast, making it – while expensive – an excellent creature to remove a 10/10 spell. As with the other Titans, Ulamog’s entire strategy is to either power it up and cast it at full price, or find ways to lower its cost in order to challenge it early on.

The alternate art on this textured foil version is by Thomas M. Baxa, known for his hauntingly dark art on maps like Terminate, Swarmyard, Spellskite, and Double Masters 2022’s version of Flickerwisp. This set’s theme of bringing back older artists is a total home run for this, as we can see how their styles have evolved over the years.

Imperial Seal (Foil Etched) – $252.82

It may come as a surprise to some to see the Imperial Seal’s foil-etched edition as the most valuable. After all, it’s not even the alternative art that we see on the borderless version, so what makes it so special?

The only reason this version is much more valuable is because Etched Foils aren’t available in Draft Boosters – they’re exclusive to the much more expensive Collector’s Packs. This makes them much rarer than the other versions, which are rare on their own. Having one of these is the ultimate flex of “Yes, I have a Collector’s Booster” and “Yes, I have an Imperial Seal” combined in one massive glee.

Wrenn and Six (Textured Foil) – $330.39

The textured foil version of Wrenn and Six costs nearly $200 more than Collector’s other booster prints. This is the ultimate flex, as you could easily save close to $300 just by going for a basic version – but if you want to show off the fanciest of cards, this is the one for you.

It’s the exact same card with the same abilities and Modern Powerhouse status. All that’s different is the new artwork by Donato Giancola, which helps us get a better look at the Dryad Wrenn and her sixth treemate, Six. Wrenn left Six in the forests of Innistrad and chose Seven in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt to continue her journey across the multiverse.

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