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Chapters 11 and 12 of Make the Exorcist Fall In Love hark back to the controversial harem genre seen in Shonen Jump manga like High School DxD.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Let the exorcist fall in love Chapters 11 and 12!

A manga called Let the exorcist fall in love available on Shonen jump‘s spin-off, an online-only publication, revives the controversial harem Genre. It’s been years since the flagship weekly manga anthology published a series such as: High School DxDthat falls into this genre.

Published in Shonen Jump+ in Japan and MANGA Plus internationally, Let the exorcist fall in love didn’t start out as a regular harem, and it’s likely that the latest instances of this particular genre will be fleeting. The harem genre of manga and anime usually revolves around a group of female characters who travel or live with a male protagonist while vying for his romantic attention. Sometimes these girls are introduced all at once or they trickle in as the story progresses. From now on, Let the exorcist fall in love falls into the latter category. The titular little priest lives with a girl named Imuri Atsuki to protect her, believing that she is being attacked by Satan, when in reality Imuri is allied with the devil. But then the dynamic of their one-on-one relationship begins to change, which initiates the twist.


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In Chapter 11 by writer Aruma Arima and illustrator Masuku Fukayama, the Little Priest chooses two exorcists named Sisters Barbara and Leah to live with Imuri since he has been indoctrinated to fear sensual love and does not want to live with her alone. But the sisters decide that they will all live together temporarily. By the end of the trial period, it is agreed that Imuri will choose who she wants to live with and will protect her forever. Chapter 12 then introduces a sea monster demon named “Mama” Leviathan who saw all the “fun” their demonic counterparts had in the previous chapters attacking the little priest. At the end of the chapter she decides to live with the priest too.

Make The Exorcist Fall In Love Chapter 11 features Sister Leah revealing that she, Sister Barbara, and the little priest will have a caregiver showdown over who will take care of Imuri.

Although that is possible Let the exorcist fall in love becomes a stereotypical harem rather than just an action romcom, it’s also likely that this whole girl-and-a-boy situation will only be temporary. Of course, if things don’t go as planned, Imuri will rather live with the little priest than with the two sisters. The biggest curveball, however, is the introduction of Mama Leviathan. She may be in league with Satan, but she’s more interested in having fun with the priest. She actually wants to live with him and will hide her identity to get her way, adding to the manga’s harem dynamic. Even more intriguing is that Imuri knows who Leviathan actually is, but will not reveal her knowledge because that would reveal her true intentions. However, it will only be a matter of time before Leviathan’s true intentions become known to the little priest and the two exorcists.

Many other typical harem tropes have already been introduced into the main story of this MANGA Plus series. Imuri may not be completely in love with the little priest, but she’s already showing signs of jealousy over his relationship with the two sisters. There are times when Imuri thinks he knows what the little priest is going to do and is then shocked when the opposite happens. In addition, Imuri just witnessed one of the sisters getting emotional while talking about the little priest, making Imuri feel less connected to him than she thought. Let the exorcist fall in love readers who enjoy it harem Genre will no doubt have nothing but positive things to say about the next few chapters Shonen jump‘s MANGA Plus title.

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