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updated whitelisting and presale for integrated NFT art collections | Pro Club Bd’s NFT studio generator has started whitelisting and pre-sales based on requests from its community. The update gives users new ways to create and manage unique digital artworks and streamlines the process of managing smart contracts.

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With the new NFT platform, artists have the flexibility to provision smart contracts directly from the app itself. Fans can use pre-made embossing pages to purchase their own artwork. Whitelisting is the process of granting presale mining access to specific users or user groups and preventing gas wars – unwanted large-scale auctions for access that increase transaction prices.

Through an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding experience to use, creators can create 10,000 unique images in minutes and manage pre-sale access through an intuitive interface. Users have full rights to each uploaded image, allowing them to modify, adjust, or delete projects as needed.

The total value of NFT sales reached nearly $25 billion in 2021 as more developers looked for ways to capitalize on the phenomenon. Now users can leverage NFTs for their own projects, regardless of scale, through

In the past, the process of minting NFTs was confusing and daunting for those who were new to or were learning about space for the first time. The Mintables theme suite aims to reduce friction for developers of all levels of users. The addition of whitelisting and pre-sale features represents a step towards giving creators greater control over their artworks.

Minitables only supports pre-purchase for specific collections. Adding a collection to presale is recorded on the blockchain and prevents external accounts from being minted from the collection. Presale control is done through a dedicated page and allows users to update prices, pause sales and manage airdrops.

The full suite of features includes image download, GIF support, image hosting, and social media link optimization. A 0% referral fee allows for an easier selling process, and royalties are available.

Mintables users overlay to simplify the design process as users upload image assets individually within the NFT studio. Once the designs are finalized, they can set the rarity for their creations based on a predefined set of traits.

Labor is saved automatically, and Mintables generates metadata for users and facilitates integration with major trading marketplaces.

The team behind the platform is currently working on testing the integration with the Solana blockchain. This is a decentralized solution designed to enable seamless project creation across DeFi, NFTs and Web3.

A spokesperson for the platform explains: “Mintables is all you need to launch your own NFT collection. The software can be used to create your own custom digital art ready to emboss with no prior programming experience.”

Interested parties can visit for more helpful information on using Mintables to create, sell, deploy and airdrop NFTs.

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