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Using bright color combinations in the home can seem daunting. But with color making a comeback, it’s time to face your fears. Plus, decorating with bold hues like orange, pink, or green might be easier than you think. In fact, there’s no need to pick up a paintbrush and plaster the walls in the lightest shades you can find, nor do you need to go maximalist in your living room. Not that those options are ruled out, mind you. Instead, for the color-shy and those looking for a fail-safe solution to incorporating color, there are certain secrets to how your decor can make the difference.

Artist, illustrator and model Monica Ahanonu is an expert at using bright colors, whether at work or in her home, and her recent collaboration with rug brand Ruggable has everything you need to add some vibrancy to a colorful living room . The Ruggable x Monica Ahanonu collection (opens in new tab) aims to break the mold of traditional home decor by bringing optimism, light and energy into a space through colour.

1. Don’t get caught up in cohesion

Robust dining room from the x monica collection

The collection consists of 8 rug designs, some of which are suitable for outdoor use, so you can also add color and style to your outdoor space.

(Image credit: Robust)

If you’re concerned about introducing bright colors into your interior design, it may be because you’re concerned about designing a color palette that works well together.

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