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Canadians love games. They readily embrace the spirit of competition, whether it be the physical rigors of a sport or the mental challenge of a card game. Due to the cold weather, Canadians naturally excel at winter sports like hockey, curling and luge. However, they are also champions in some unexpected areas, including party games like Trivia.

Below are some of Canada’s most popular sports and games.

ice Hockey

Ice hockey is perhaps the most popular sport in Canada. Ice hockey was invented by JG Creighton in 19th-century Montreal and has been the country’s official national sport ever since. Major sporting events such as the Olympic Games began to incorporate hockey in the early 20th century. Canada later formed the NHL, which brings together Canadian and American teams to play games on the ice.

Professional ice hockey has grown in popularity in recent years, resulting in the success of many prolific athletes. On the other hand, many Canadians also play in semi-professional and intramural leagues.


Unlike hockey, lacrosse can be traced back centuries. The sport originated with the Iroquois around present-day New York and parts of Canada. The games were different back then. With huge teams made up of hundreds of people, lacrosse matches often lasted for days. The Iroquois made gear from their hunts by making netting baskets and deerskin for lacrosse balls from deer sinew.

Later, European settlers took over the sport. As with ice hockey, today’s lacrosse fans and athletes gather at official sporting events such as those hosted by the NLL. Canadians unite when they see lacrosse, whether it’s a professional or amateur game.

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While ice hockey and lacrosse are physical sports, many consider poker a mental sport. It has all the competition of an athletic sport without necessarily requiring the physical ability. Players compete for the best hand or bluff their way to the top. People can get together to play, but online poker is another option. In fact, poker rooms in Ontario have become more common lately as many iGaming sites have been licensed and regulated. Now Canadians have the choice to compete in online matches against friends, strangers or the computer.

Most people play Texas Hold’Em, which is the most common form of poker. However, there are a few other variations, such as Omaha and Seven Card Stud. They are slightly different but bring a fun twist to the classic rules.

Trivial Pursuit

While poker is a mental sport, Trivial Pursuit is a popular party game. Canadians Chris Haney and Scott Abbott created the game in the late ’70s after realizing their Scrabble set was missing pieces. Since both Haney and Abbott worked in the magazine world, they were well-read individuals who knew many facts. Gathering their knowledge, they organized the game into categories such as popular culture, science, art, history, and geography.

Since its inception, Trivial Pursuit has taken many forms. Some variants include Lord of the Rings, Baby Boomers and History of France. With all sorts of themes and new game features, it’s safe to say that this title is still a huge commercial success.

Wrap up

Many valuable games come from Canadian soil. Whether their roots are from First Nations or European descendants, people from all over the world still play them today.

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