This abandoned and haunted Oklahoma mansion is truly terrifying!

This abandoned and haunted Oklahoma mansion is truly terrifying! | Pro Club Bd

This 19th-century Oklahoma mansion could very well be one of the most haunted spots in the Sooner State. The horrifying history of this property along with the tragedies and misfortunes that cursed the family who lived there is beyond haunting. The ghost stories and urban legends that surround this place are truly terrifying!


Where is this place and what is the story? It’s the Labadie mansion in Colcord, okay. just outside of the city of Bartlesville in Delaware County in the far northeast of the state. The mansion is situated on a hill just outside of town and requires a hike and permission from the property owner to get there. It’s on private property.

The old Labadie family cemetery is located on the property near the manor house – Pull Over Adventures – Pull Over Adventures

The old mansion of Labadie was built circa 1880 and was the family home until 1935. All kinds of terrible tragedies happened during those years, from deaths to fires that eventually destroyed the once beautiful mansion. It seemed as if the Labadie family was cursed with misfortune and unimaginable hardships. All that remains now is an abandoned stone shell of the old house, along with the family cemetery that sits on the property.

Frank and Samantha Labadie are buried along with several of their children and other relatives near the mansion in the Labadie family cemetery. Some died of natural causes, others by murder and even suicide, according to legend. Today there are no known living relatives or direct descendants of Labadie.

Click play in the video below to see a paranormal investigation at the Labadie Mansion

The Labadie Mansion was once in the top 10 most haunted places in the US and one of the most haunted and active places in Oklahoma. There are all sorts of scary stories and ghost stories that have been told about this place. Some are fact based, some are fictional, but all are nightmarish and terrifying.


One of the most well-known stories about the Labadie family and manor is a murder that is said to have taken place there in the early 20th century. Frank Labadie caught his wife Samantha having an affair with a servant named Enos Parsons. After years of trying unsuccessfully to have children, she became pregnant, but with Parsons’ child. Mr. Labadie in his anger shot Parsons and killed Parsons and when the child was born he threw it into the nearby creek and killed it. He later pointed the gun at his wife, then at himself. That’s just one of the many stories…

The chimney at Labadie Mansion where people see and smell smoke – Pull Over Adventures – Pull Over Adventures

Another version of the story is that Frank Labadie went insane and eventually killed his entire family before committing suicide by jumping out of the third floor skylight. Yet another statement that is more true and based on actual facts is that both Mr. and Mrs. Labanote died from carbon monoxide poisoning because a stove and fireplace were not properly ventilated. Unfortunately, the day after celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Frank and Samantha died and were found by their nephew, who came to congratulate them and wish them well.

No matter which version of the story you believe or have heard, the haunting story of the Labadie Manor is very real. Many terrible and tragic things have happened to this family and they have certainly endured more than their fair share of heartbreak and hardship over the years at the villa. Most who have visited the site say it is haunted and report seeing all sorts of paranormal activity at the mansion and cemetery.

Watch the video below for a daylight virtual tour of Labadie Mansion and Cemetery

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have seen ghosts, most notably the ghosts of Frank Labadie and Enos Parsons. There have even been reports of seeing and hearing the screams of the baby who was said to have drowned in the creek. Others say the spirit of Samantha Labadie itself roams the property, trying to scare off unwanted and curious intruders. Many people have heard voices, footsteps, and even the sound of gunshots in the nearby woods. Labadie Manor itself, or what remains of it, is also very active.

The fireplace in the old mansion is said to smoke when no fire is lit. Some people have said they smelled and saw smoke filling the area from the fireplace and shadows moving in the smoke around the mansion. Investigators also report problems with electronics and flashlights in the area. Near the mansion, equipment begins to respond erratically and eventually fails. And these are just some of the stories told about the old manor house and cemetery of Labadie. With its horrifying history and spooky urban legends, this place is easily one of the most haunted and spooky spots in the entire Sooner State!

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