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The long-running, multi-award-winning manga series One piece went on hiatus for a month to allow creator Eiichiro Oda to prepare for the final arc of the saga and recently resumed its release. The manga has been releasing weekly updates for more than two decades, with its first chapter being serialized in 1999. Since One piece has published more than 1000 chapters and 102 volumes, and this number continues to grow.

One piece prides itself on having a huge, expansive lore and did a wonderful job of laying down the bare bones of its world-building in its early stages. The manga then slowly fleshes out the story, lore, and components of the world while following the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates. Interestingly, two decades after the series came out, countless questions remain unanswered. Here are the biggest ones that will hopefully get answers in the final arc of the manga.

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What happened during the Century of the Void?

One piece may be a fictional work about piracy, empowering fruits and treasure, but it also has a worked out story. However, a large part of it – referred to as the Void Century – has been erased from the records. The only information about the events that happened during this period are the ponteglyphs. The problem is that these ponteglyphs are scattered around the world and only a handful of people are left who can read their contents.

Through Nico Robin’s efforts, fans of One piece have been blessed with little bits of information about the events that transpired during the Century of the Void. Although they are only fragments of the big picture, they were enough for the reader to deduce the connection between the Void Century, Joy Boy, the old guns and the founding of Marijoa. Hopefully, when the series comes to an end, One Piece will give its readers a complete reminder of the missing historical events.

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What is the treasure hidden in Marijoa?

One piece There is no shortage of powerful and expensive treasures, and one of the most mysterious is the treasure hidden at the heart of the world government – Marijoa. Doflamingo has revealed that this treasure is powerful enough to shake the world once revealed. Interesting, One piece reveals that it is a giant straw hat kept in freezing temperatures and only the true leader of the world government, Imu, has free access to it.

Although the treasure has technically been revealed, readers still have no idea how it can actually rock the world. It is possible that the giant straw hat is the ancient weapon of Uranus. It could also be that the treasure is more of a memento than a weapon, or maybe the straw hat is one of Joy Boy’s possessions. If that’s correct, then it could simply be a symbol of how world government has contained the mythical Joy Boy.

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How did Blackbeard steal Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit Power?

Blackbeard is undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters in One piece. Not only is he one of the most powerful characters in the series, but he also managed to do the impossible. Blackbeard emerged towards the end of the Marineford War and attacked his former captain and even managed to kill the former emperor. The big surprise, however, came after Whitebeard’s death. Blackbeard covered the standing corpse with a cloth; When he emerged he had both his original Devil Fruit power and that of Whitebeard’s Tremor Tremor Fruit.

The Devil Fruits are undoubtedly powerful, but they come at a high price. Those who consume the power-giving fruit lose their ability to swim and become weakened by seawater, but they cannot consume more than one Devil Fruit either. It is said that as the name suggests, a devil dwells in every devil fruit. Consuming two of them would cause the devils to fight, which would result in the death of the greedy person. That’s exactly why Blackbeard’s feat surprised not only readers, but the whole world One piece.

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What is D’s will?

It might not be the most groundbreaking secret in One piece, but the mystery of D’s will is one of the strangest. There are more than a handful of unrelated characters in the series who go by the middle initial D. Interestingly, they all become prominent figures in one way or another. Some of these include Monkey D. Luffy, Marshall D. Teach, and Gol D. Roger himself.

One piece has yet to reveal the meaning behind the will of D or if the D stands for anything. Even those who are said to carry the will of D don’t know the meaning behind it – except for the Pirate King. Roger once told Whitebeard about the importance of D’s will, although unfortunately this was done off-screen.

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What exactly is the legendary One Piece?

The very first panels of One piece show the so-called King of Pirates, Gol D. Roger, who spreads the word about the existence of the eponymous legendary treasure and thus ushers in the great era of piracy. The One Piece is considered the greatest treasure in the world, but most of the characters in the series have never seen it. The only clue Roger left for those who want to follow in his footsteps is that the One Piece is hidden on the final island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale.

Even with the series a mere arc from completion, readers still have no idea what the treasure might be — or what it can’t be. During Oden’s flashback, Roger’s crew is seen laughing after getting their hands on the legendary treasure, which is also the main reason the final island was named that way. However, it still doesn’t provide a visual image of what the One Piece looks like. As far as readers know, it’s nothing more than nitrous oxide.

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