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The detailed spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1056 have just been leaked online after it was revealed that the manga has surpassed 516 million copies sold.

One Piece fans are still digesting the Sunday installment of the iconic manga, but the series is already trending on social media – three days ahead of the global release of Chapter 1056.

That’s due to the spoilers that just leaked online from the official raw scans. That’s not the only reason the One Piece manga is trending, however, with news that the franchise has now sold more than 516 million copies worldwide – here’s everything you need to know about both.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains potential spoilers for the upcoming One Piece manga chapter, so read at your own discretion.

One Piece Movie Red | Trailer2



One Piece Movie Red | Trailer2





One Piece 1056: release date, time and where to read

One Piece Manga Chapter 1056 will be released in Japan on Monday, August 8 at 00:00 JSTth – for the vast majority of fans, this is Sunday 7th Augustth.

As confirmed by Manga Plus, Chapter 1056 will appear at the following times:

  • Pacific Time – 8 a.m
  • Eastern Time – 11 a.m
  • UK time – 4pm
  • European time – 5 p.m
  • Indian Time – 8:30pm
  • Philippine Time – 11pm
  • Australian Central Time – 00:30

Viz Media and Manga Plus both offer free access to the first and last three chapters. Viewing the entire chapter library of the series requires a $1.99 per month subscription.

One Piece Chapter 1056 spoilers leaked online

According to that leaks Regarding One Piece Chapter 1056, the new manga episode will be titled “Cross Guild” in reference to Buggy’s new organization from the news cycle, which includes Crocodile and Mihawk.

The front page features Katakuri and Owen versus Ichiji, Niki, Yonji, and Reiju; The chapter begins after the conclusion of the banquet – several characters fall into a “food coma”.

The Red Scabbards accept that Kaidou was a deterrent to world forces, while Kinemon apologizes for being in Kuri with Tsuru when it all happened. Kinemon then says that Tsuru is as beautiful as ever, to which Inuarashi says that’s too cute even for dogs – Neko laughs.

Inu challenges Carrot to become king of the Mokomo Duchy, to which Carrot laughs and says there’s no way she could do that. Neko and Inu reveal that they are indeed staying behind in Wano to protect the samurai and that they have decided that Carrot and Wanda are now the successors leading the minks – leading to some minor arguments.

Cut away – where Sukiyaki tells Momonosuke and Hiyori that he is her grandfather, they hug as Momo says he is reassured to have another blood relative after such a tough battle with Kaidou.

Cut to Luffy asking Robin about the ancient Pluton weapon and Franky burning the blueprints. A beautiful shinobu appears and asks if they talk about “mature women” being weapons – Tama says that they will become an apprentice shinobu and that Luffy must make her his nakama the next time they meet – he agrees.

A few days have passed with Momonosuke and Kinemon running around the castle trying to find someone, anyone. However, Hiyori and Toko reveal that they have already left, which confuses them. Cut to the port where Luffy says that the day they have to leave has been decided.

They see a picture of Buggy, Crocodile, and Mihawk with a “Cross Guild” logo in a newspaper, which surprises Luffy. It seems that in light of recent events, some ex-Shichibukai and the World Government have formed a new organization and put Captain Buggy in charge – Buggy placing bounties on the heads of the Marines.

The chapter ends with Yamato standing on the roof shouting to Momo that now is the time to go with Luffy and that it is finally time to start living life like Kouzuki Oden.

Leaked spoilers should always be taken with a pinch of salt, but this information was shared by a serious social media page.

Manga exceeds 516 million copies

Just a few hours ago it was reported on social media that One Piece has now passed the 516 million copies mark worldwide.

Although it was recently reported that the manga “has now finally and officially reached 500,000,000 copies in circulation worldwide,” a new update has revealed that the number is now 516,566,000.

“ONE PIECE has also renewed its Guinness World Record for ‘Most Copies Published by a Single Author Comic Book Series’, thanks to a worldwide circulation of 516,566,000 copies. The record was set in 2015 and Eiichiro Oda received a new certificate.” – WSJ_manga, via Twitter.

Interestingly, in terms of copies sold, which had reached the breakthrough sales statistic, One Piece is behind only the legendary Harry Potter series in terms of literary series forbes. The stipulation here is that those numbers were reported in 2013, so despite the recent announcement of 516 million copies in circulation, the series is likely still higher than One Piece.

According to Wikipedia’s running “List of Best Selling Books” rankings, the following series have sold the most copies worldwide:

  • Harry Potter – 500 million
  • One Piece – 500 million
  • Asterix – 370 million
  • Goosebumps – 350 million
  • Perry Mason – 300 million
  • Dragon Ball – 300 million
  • Peanuts – 300 million
  • Golgo 13 – 300 million
  • Lucky Luke – 300 million
  • Dragon and Tiger Heroes – 280 million
  • Berenstain Bears – 260 million
  • Choose your own adventure – 250 million
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid – 250 million
  • Sweet Valley High – 250 million
  • Naruto – 250 million
  • Detective Conan – 250 million

However, both Harry Potter and One Piece still have some way to go before they become the best-selling books of all time. According to AllTopEverything, the three best-selling books in history are The Qur’an (800 million copies), Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (1.1 billion copies) and The Bible (5 billion copies).

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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