One Piece officially confirms Luffy's Gear 5 coloring

One Piece officially confirms Luffy’s Gear 5 coloring | Pro Club Bd

A Twitter account has uncovered evidence that One Piece fans are finally showing what Luffy’s epic Gear 5 form looks like in colour, and it’s awesome.

The coloring of Luffy’s strongest gear 5 form a One piece has finally been officially confirmed by a surprising source. Given that the manga will initially be released in black and white, One piece Fans often don’t know the exact colors of various objects and characters until either the mangaka Eiichiro Oda makes a statement about it or until it is shown in the anime. But eager fans can find out the colorway through creative sources if the character is important enough to merit insane anticipation of her confirmed release.

In the manga’s latest arc, known as Wano Country, Luffy reveals his most powerful form yet, known as Gear 5. In Gear 5, he takes on an all-new appearance, channeling the spirit of the sun god Nika and unlocking the full power of his legendary Devil Fruit, allowing his body and surroundings obey the laws of cartoon physics. His eyes and hair glow with power, and his hair seems to grow into a thin mane of cloudy flame. Ever since this shape was first revealed, readers have made fan art out of it by guessing its exact colors based on what they think suits it best. Now there seems to be official confirmation as to what colors the form actually is.


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The Twitter account ONE-PIECE SPOILER recently shared an image of a character depicting Luffy in his Gear 5 form. The image is from a French retail store specializing in Japanese goods. The figure features Luffy with cloudy white hair and bright red eyes. The figure is apparently made by Bandai and is official Shonen jump Were, unlike previous depictions of Gear 5 Luffy. If true, that means these colors represent the official coloring of Luffy’s Gear 5 form, which is exciting for both fan artists and fans who want to theorize about what these colors might mean.

There are a variety of powerful characters One piece who have red eyes. The mink have bright red eyes when in sulong form, their extremely powerful state triggered by the full moon. So does the mysterious Im who sits on the empty throne at the center of world government. Given how the minks and I are both connected to the mysterious Void Century and key mysteries of One piece‘s world, Luffy’s red eyes in Gear 5 could also indicate that Nika and his devil fruit are also connected to this mysterious time. His white hair isn’t that relevant to the plot of the series as a whole, but it makes Luffy’s hair appear smoky rather than fire-like, clearing up his ambiguous nature in the manga.

The exact coloring of Luffy’s new form doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but many fans are very excited about this reveal, both because of the implications of the colors and because it gives them a clearer picture of one of them One piecethe main characters. The fact that One piece Fans were able to spot this official coloring from an obscure piece Luffy gear 5 Merchandise shows their dedication to the series.

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