One Piece fans must read One Shonen Jump manga during the hiatus

One Piece fans must read One Shonen Jump manga during the hiatus | Pro Club Bd

One Piece fans looking for a manga to read during hiatus should check out Gintama, a series that shares many elements with the pirate epic.

While One piece Manga is on hiatus, fans of the series should check it out GintamaAnother Shonen jump Series that shares many elements with Eiichiro Oda’s massive pirate epic. On the surface, it might seem that manga’s main feature is its epic length Gintama with 701 chapters and One piece with 1053 chapters and counting. But on closer inspection, the two series have a lot more in common, sharing a somewhat similar structure and covering similar themes.

love readers One piece for various reasons. Oda is a master storyteller who slowly reveals the many elements and mysteries of his world over the course of hundreds of chapters. No detail feels wasted and even the most insignificant characters eventually reappear. The themes of the manga also hit many fans. In the center of One piece is the idea of ​​inherited will, with D.’s will leading many characters to fight against the tyrannical rule of the world government and the heavenly dragons she serves. But more importantly, the manga is about the found Straw Hat Pirates family and how they constantly help the downtrodden and downtrodden people on the islands they visit. While few manga are able to successfully integrate these elements, Gintama succeeds with flying colours.


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Gintama is a manga by Hideaki Sorachi, set in a science fiction reimagining of Japan’s Bakumatsu period, which lasted from 1853 to 1867. The series features the Yorozuya trio, consisting of the samurai Gintoki, the alien Kagura, and the sentient glasses stander Shinpachi, who help the various residents of Edo with their problems. While the series is primarily comedy, it has a large overarching plot that builds up over a long period of time, much like One piece does. Without getting into too much spoilers, this plot deals heavily with the issue of inherited will One piece is and harks back to almost every character and plot point introduced in the series in a significant way.

The similarities go beyond the general plot structure. The Yorozuya trio functions very much like the Straw Hat Pirates, being closer as a family and always ready to help those in need. Because of this, their antics and interactions can feel very similar to that of the Straw Hat crew. The tone of the series also mixes comedy and tragedy very well, similar to One piece albeit in a different relationship. The best bows in the series can even keep up One piece‘s best arcs in terms of emotional impact.

Despite its many strengths Gintama doesn’t fit perfectly One piece. The series has many more chapters that focus on the Yorozuya trio and interact with their supporting cast, which can feel like filler material if you’re just reading the series for the overarching storyline. The series also has some jokes and plots that haven’t aged well. But for fans who are looking for one Shonen jump Series to fill the resulting gap One piece during his break, Gintama is a great substitute.

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