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While anime has been a popular animated content genre for several decades, the transition to streaming platforms has increased the number of people watching it worldwide. Not only has streaming allowed more people from more places to access translated versions of countless anime shows and movies, it has also made entire series accessible and easy to watch. With anime being so popular among younger generations, the demand for anime continues to grow. Of course, this leads to established anime companies releasing more content, but also leads to streaming companies and companies from other countries wanting to contribute to the anime market.


The film industry tends to follow trends and invest in content that will definitely make money. In this case, that goes beyond creating new anime shows and films and extends to adapting existing anime stories into live-action features. As many American animation companies like Disney have proven, people love to see familiar stories from a new perspective, which is why live-action adaptations continue to be made. One popular anime that has recently announced its intention to jump on the live-action adaptation bandwagon is One punch man.

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The success of One punch man inevitably attracting the attention of writers looking to adapt their story into a live-action format. It started out in 2009 as a popular webcombic that received positive feedback almost immediately after its release. From that point on, its popularity proved its potential. It was adapted to manga in 2012 and anime in 2015. With the success of each of these adapted forms of the story, the story was then translated into other languages ​​and disseminated to other countries. Needless to say, the growth of his global success was relatively rapid considering what many manga/anime stories before his time had to go through to achieve the same thing.

Even if One punch man had it not garnered the same level of attention as it did, its story alone would likely have led to the eventual live-action film. The story takes place in a world full of monsters and heroes to fight them, and among these heroes is one who has the ability to defeat opponents with a single punch. The creator’s intention was to explore a new perspective of superheroes by having a character so powerful with his single seemingly unassuming attack that he got bored with fighting.

Much of the world is already enthralled by superhero storylines, as DC and Marvel consistently prove, and so any storyline that falls within the heroic genre — especially one that offers a new perspective — has potential in the realm of film. This, along with the demand for anime content, has been made One punch man a shoo-in for adapting to live-action. However, whether the film performs as well as the previous adaptations of the story depends on how the story structure, characters, and graphics are approached.

It’s certainly promising that a company as big as Sony has taken on the project of creating the live-action film and directing Justin Lin Fast & Furious Franchise seems to automatically offer plot potential in the film. It has also been previously announced that the filmmakers involved will be taking their time making the film, which hopefully means that they will be able to fully focus on the feature film.

All that said, what worries anime fans isn’t this film’s potential: it’s the failed attempts of past anime live-action films. The live-action adaptation of 2017 ghost in the shell is a prime example of how these films can fail when they don’t strike a balance between believable content and loyalty to the franchise. When a manga or anime series is adapted into a live-action feature film, it often loses some of the story’s impact by being adapted to real life. Sometimes the pacing of the story also gets messed up because the content of the entire series has to be condensed into just a couple of hours.

In response to these concerns among fans, the creators of the One punch man must carefully consider the pacing and preservation of the franchise when creating this film. As with any adaptation, the characters and the heart of the original story – the theme – are the most important components to preserve from the original plot. In that sense, changes will inevitably be made to the story, but they shouldn’t harm the message of the story. If the creators use their time wisely, they should be able to outline the key moments in the story and piece them together to achieve a natural and exciting rhythm of events that make up the plot.

If the film captures all of the key story beats, flipped hero perception, and story theme, they will be able to complete a film that will be both intriguing to new fans of the story and satisfying to existing fans. At this point, the makers of One punch man have all the necessary tools to create a successful live-action adaptation, but whether or not they do so can only be determined by watching the finished film.

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