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Padma Bridge to radically transform tourism industry in Bangladesh | Pro Club Bd

Photo Courtesy: Shah Ali Farhad


Photo Courtesy: Shah Ali Farhad

Tourism is the integration of a country’s culture, society, civilization, art, history, tradition, literature, architecture and nature.

Documentary evidence showed that the history of tourism in Bangladesh is very old. Around 302 BC In 300 BC, the great emperor of Greece, Alexander, sent one of his ambassadors, named Megasthenes, to the royal court of King Chandragupta Maurya in ancient Bangladesh.

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Megasthenes’ book Indica chronicled ancient India at the time. Fa-Hien was the first Chinese traveler from ancient Bengal to arrive at the court of Chandragupta in 380 AD. Then came Hiuen Tsang and Ma Huan one after the other.

In 1333 the Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta came. It was through the description of Ibn Battuta that Bengali became known to the people of the world at that time.

After Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman went to Kuakata on a political visit and was amazed by its natural beauty and said that this country had immense potential for tourism.

If it can be expanded, the country’s economic image will change, he said.

Bangabandhu’s prediction is becoming a reality today. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina facilitated this practical path by constructing the Padma Bridge. In fact, the Padma Bridge has unlocked the immense potential of tourism.

At the beginning of the article I mentioned the arrival of Chinese tourists in ancient Bengal. There’s a reason for that. The Chinese have been associated with Bangladesh’s tourism history.

The contribution of the Chinese is also undeniable as immense tourism potential will be created by the construction of the Padma Bridge. Therefore, the Chinese have been and are still involved in the history of tourism in Bangladesh.

An improved communication system increases a country’s chances of receiving more tourists from all over the world.

Bangladesh will earn a huge amount of foreign exchange as the number of global tourists increases. A higher number of global tourists will boost Bangladesh’s foreign exchange reserves.

The Padma Bridge is a real example of an improved communication system in Bangladesh.

Today the world of the digital age is referred to as a global village. By using digitalization, we can take the booming tourism industry in Bangladesh to a better level.

This requires comprehensive promotion and dissemination at national and international level. We must create a framework for the future development of the tourism industry. At the same time, the proper and definitive implementation of tourism policies is required.

The tourism plan can be improved through public awareness raising and various tourism-oriented meetings and seminars. The growth and development of this industry does not happen overnight. This requires the combined effort of everyone. Tourism is the medium through which a nation carries its overall identity.

Bangalees are considered a hospitable nation. But as a hospitable nation, we cannot show our hospitality to the world. Because we cannot develop our tourism industry in an organized way. We should follow the countries that are at the forefront of success in agribusiness.

The tourism industry is a collective affair. A large group of people must work together.

Bangladesh’s success in the tourism industry will be enviable if everyone joins the movement to develop a tourism-friendly Bangladesh in cooperation with the government, administration and people.

The Padma Bridge can be seen as a symbol of the movement to develop a tourism-friendly Bangladesh.

Considering the immense natural resources, historical importance and traditional aspects of the southern part of Bangladesh since independence, we have not been able to present it to the world only because of the inadequacy of the communication system.

Padma Bridge serves as a link to introduce the tourism industry of South Bengal to the world. It will be good for the country and the nation if the tourism industry is fully integrated into the country’s economy as a major industry.

The author is Media Coordinator at the Bangladesh Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (BAAPA).

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