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There are so many romantic manga for readers to consume, stories that touch on a desire to be understood and cared for, and many of them are captivating and moving. Sometimes romances can be frightening and tragic, as in Good night Punpun. Luckily, not every story has to involve soul-crushing toxic couples. Many of them can show couples who are good for each other.

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Readers can see that these characters need each other. Two individuals who sincerely care and comfort each other and together can improve each other’s lives. They promote the best in others or provide security and security. They prove that relationships can be beautiful and mutually beneficial bonds.

10 Rei & Hinata lift each other out of the darkness (March Comes Like a Lion)

The romance in March comes in like a lion grows slowly. Rei’s relationship with the Kawamoto sisters begins with acceptance. He allows his heart to open to them as friends and as pseudo-family. It takes a lot for him to let go of the mistrust and trauma he has because of his past.

The Kawamoto sisters manage to heal Rei’s wounds, especially Hina. She is closest in age to Rei. Because of this, he develops the closest relationship with her. He notices when her school life is taking its toll and supports her in doing so.

9 Yuri & Kail Mursuli Improve an Empire Together (Red River)

Yuri enters the world of red river feeling incredibly lost and scared. She is transported alone to the ancient Hittite Empire. Kail Mursuli meets her in this state. As Prince of the Empire, he has the means to take care of her. While their relationship starts out confused, Kail respects Yuri’s wishes and autonomy.

Eventually, Yuri decides to stay with Kail and her presence increases the empire. Her knowledge and courageous spirit make her seem like a goddess to him. She is referred to as Yuri Ishtar to idolize her. Together they support each other and build one of the greatest empires of the Bronze Age.

8th Kang & Rati have a peaceful marriage (Blissful Land)

Blessed Land presents the customs and traditions of 18th-century Tibet with care and delicacy. His main focus is on depicting the loving relationship between Kang and Rati. They are the product of an arranged marriage, but it works perfectly for them.

Kang and Rati have time to live together before the wedding ceremony takes place. During this time, they learn to enjoy each other’s company. Rati loves how committed Kang is to medicine, while Kang loves how excitable she is with dyes. The more they open up to each other, the more healing their relationship becomes.

7 Maki & Midori Break Away From Conventions And Bad Relationships (Run Away With Me, Girl)

School romances don’t always work. Run away with me girl is proof of that. Maki and Midori’s reunion is bittersweet due to their past as former friends. As adults, their relationship starts out shaky.

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Midori still suppresses her dissatisfaction, and the self-destructive dishonesty angers Maki. However, Maki finally allows herself to be honest and vulnerable with Midori. They run away together, escaping Midori’s loveless and terrible marriage. They confess their love for each other and become more mature people who seek their true desires.

6 Tetsu stays with Shizu as she discovers herself (Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty)

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty is a story about self-discovery and surrender. The focus is on Shizu, a girl who harbors multiple spirits and constantly changes her personality. However, Tetsu is committed enough to Shizu to stay with her until the ghosts go away.

Their romance becomes complicated when Tetsu initially develops a crush on one of the ghosts. However, it is this crush that allows him to discover who Shizu really is. The spirits begin working together to give Shizu a better life, particularly one with Tetsu. It’s a heartwarming journey.

5 Hibi Grows Up Into Someone Who Can Comfort Ran (Ran & The Gray World)

Ran and the gray world introduces Hibi as idiots. He bullies Ran even if he just wants to be a friend. He’s terribly immature. But as Ran’s problems escalate, he begins to understand his own stupidity. Their friendship is one of the things that binds Ran together during her ordeal.

Ran is an infinitely happy girl, but her innocence allows her to be emotionally vulnerable. As soon as Outarou dies, she is devastated. Hibi finds her and helps her get up. It’s a delicate and tender moment, but it shows that Hibi’s bond with Ran is positive. With compassion, love and support, Ran matures.

4 Haruhi Accepting Tamaki’s Eccentricities (Ouran High School Host Club)

Ouran High School Host Club is iconic for having Haruhi as part of an attractive host club. Of all its dashing and adorable members, Tamaki Suoh stands out for its beauty and over-the-top personality. It clashes with Haruhi’s grounded nature, but the two learn to rely on each other over time.

Haruhi and Tamaki’s interactions make up some of the best parts of the manga. Readers see Haruhi slowly accepting Tamaki’s actions as sincere gestures of affection. Despite the differences, they find meaning and love in each other.

3 Emma & William love each other regardless of status (Emma)

Emma adheres closely to the conventions of the historical romance subgenre. Set in Victorian London, it tells the story of a maid who falls in love with a rich merchant’s son. Despite their different social status, they are attracted to each other. William often visits Governess Stonar’s estate just to see Emma.

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The manga’s simple premise shines through the perfection of its execution. The art is lush and detailed. The disguise and composition emphasize how the characters are feeling. This is incredibly important when showing how important William and Emma’s relationship is. Readers feel its weight instead of being fed with it.

2 Asako & Natori are Extremely Compatible (Sweat & Soap)

The premise of sweat and soap could have gone wrong in many ways. Instead of being adorable, it could have come across as creepy. However, the manga sidesteps all of this with how organic and mature the relationship between Asako and Natori is. They work in different departments, but their mutual influence is clear.

Asako is typically extremely introverted, but Natori’s influence allows her to relax around her peers. This creates a positive environment around them. Natori is addicted to Asako’s scent, which inspires him to create new scents for the soaps they create. The icing on the cake is that they communicate so well with each other that there are never any major problems between them. If the anime industry needs a workplace romance to conform to, it should be it sweat and soap.

1 Anis & Sherine Form an Unbreakable Bond as Self-confessed Sisters (A Bride’s Story)

A Bride’s Story is a manga full of amazing couples. Almost every arc features a couple worthy of cheering and cherishing. The most tender and special thing, however, is the love between Anis and Sherine. They hit it off immediately when they meet in a Persian bath. Every interaction they have is precious and beautiful. It truly feels like no woman has had a connection like this before.

After Sherine’s husband tragically passes away, Anis immediately seeks to save her from loneliness and turmoil. She persuades her husband to take Sherine in as his new wife and give her a home for themselves and their child. He sees how important that must be and agrees. Soon after, the two women swear each other as self-confessed sisters. The love between them is undeniable.

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