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Photo: Community member Blake Hayden adds a splash of color to a canvas during a painting session led by artist-in-residence Kristyn Watterworth at Sandhill Nursery July 8. (All photos: Community Living Huntsville unless otherwise noted.)

A creative collaboration aims to turn art into action for housing for people with developmental disabilities in North Muskoka.

Community Living Huntsville has teamed up with Sandhill Nursery, its artist-in-residence Kristyn Watterworth of KryArt Studio, and community members to create wesleya 3′ x 4′ painting on canvas being auctioned online in support of Community Living Huntsville’s Transitional Housing Initiative.

“We are so thrilled that Tim and Melissa Cantelon, owners of Sandhill Nursery, have found such a creative way to support inclusion in their community and that they have welcomed people we support in an exciting and meaningful way to work together,” says Jennifer Jerrett, Community Engagement Specialist, Community Living Huntsville. “We are also grateful to Kristyn Watterworth for facilitating such a fun and engaging painting session, allowing everyone to try different painting techniques and then work together to create the piece. Everyone really enjoyed the experience!”

Wesley, a 3′ x 4′ acrylic and spray paint-on-canvas artwork co-created by artist Kristyn Watterworth
Community members supported by Community Living Huntsville at Sandhill Nursery will be auctioned
go online to raise funds for the nonprofit’s Transitional Housing Initiative. (Photo of
Sandhill Nursery/KryArt Studio).

Community members supported by the nonprofit worked together to prepare the canvas wesley with a colorful background layer before Watterworth finished the foreground.

“Thank you to Blake Hayden, David Mooney, Keith North-Peigan and Brenda Wood for dedicating their time and talent to this wonderful piece,” says Jerrett. “There is community in every brushstroke on this canvas, and in a way it represents what a community can achieve when it works together.”

wesley will be featured in Lost in the forest, an open-air art tour at Sandhill Nursery, 1686 Aspdin Road, Huntsville, which began in July 2022 and will last through Labor Day. Sandhill Nursery is also accepting donations to Community Living Huntsville both locally and through their website during the tour.

“Funds raised through this collaboration will support our new Transitional Housing Initiative to provide housing and housing-related programs and capacity-building services for people we support who are periodically or chronically affected by homelessness to successfully transition into permanent housing can,” says Jerrett. “This is critical as the housing crisis and systemic barriers continue to unduly and disproportionately affect marginalized community members, including people with developmental disabilities and their families.”

People can bid wesley through the visit The piece can be viewed in person at Sandhill Nursery. The online-only auction opened on Friday, July 15, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. and will end on Monday, September 5 at 8:00 p.m. Community Living Huntsville is a non-profit registered charity that works with more than 300 people with developmental disabilities and their families to support and advocate for life, work and play in North Muskoka in unique and purposeful ways. The association celebrates its 60th anniversary In 2022. Learn more at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok.

Community member Brenda Wood tries out some large canvas painting techniques during a
Painting session led by artist-in-residence Kristyn Watterworth at Sandhill Nursery on July 8th.
Community member Keith North-Peigan paints a stroke of bright paint across a large canvas.
Community member David Mooney enjoys the creative process of adding swaths of color to a
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