Shonen Jump's wildest series proves that Kaiju makes the best manga even better

Shonen Jump’s wildest series proves that Kaiju makes the best manga even better | Pro Club Bd

Even among a bunch of absurd aliens, yokai, and other monsters, Dandadan Chapter 66’s introduction of a space kaiju is out of this world.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dandadan Chapter 66!

Kaiju #8 is not the only manga out Shonen jump‘s digital spinoff publication MANGA Plus featuring Kaiju, as mangaka Yukinobu Tatsu just added these monsters to his wild Dandadan series already has a huge species repertoire.

Dandadan was already completely insane when the series debuted, because the first chapter immediately combined two completely different races, yokai and aliens. Apart from a few friendly aliens, Dandadan has spent much of the last few chapters introducing and keeping many different types of yokai versus enemy aliens Dandadan World relatively limited, although the limits of it are still completely ridiculous. Regardless, when things get even weirder, Tatsu usually takes readers into his weird world. For example, although he recently introduced another species from Earth as yokai called the Subterraneans, he portrayed them as oddly shaped and overly powerful humans in order to at least prepare everyone for what was to come. Tatsu has also tried to bring order to his chaos. One of Dandadans Main Characters has already unveiled a promising theory that explains why both aliens and yokai are so prevalent in its story.


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But now in chapter 66, Dandadan not only introduced a species no one expected, but it’s a kaiju from outer space. What makes the kaiju so unworldly is that the skies turn black and all life other than those with yokai powers temporarily disappear while the creature rampages. Like most aliens, this kaiju is hostile and of course somehow involved with one of them Dandadan‘s R-rated aspects of the series.

Dandadan Chapter 66 debuts with a space kaiju beginning to attack the series' heroes.

Since the arrival of Dandadan‘s first alien species, the Serpo, the majority of the new otherworldly beings are mindless rather than intelligent, including the titanic tramp, the Flatwoods monster, and Nessie. These aliens are also connected to the Serpo in some way, rather than representing another sect. In fact, even the lovable Dover Demon who is now an ally of Dandadan‘s heroes started out as freelance fighters for the Serpo. Although this new kaiju looks more like the Flatwoods monster, the fact that it’s actually a kaiju sets it apart from the rest. Since godzilla, Japanese pop culture has been heavily influenced by kaiju, so looking at such a creature just feels right. What’s more, one of the most promising new manga shows these monsters so predominately that their kind is even mentioned in the title. Kaiju #8. But what does Dandadan‘s Kaiju even stand out Kaiju #8 is that this one isn’t from Earth, because most of them are. In fact, most of the kaiju in Godzilla all started out as normal animals that eventually mutated from exposure to radiation on Earth. The fact that this new kaiju hails from another planet adds a fun twist to this trope widely used in Japanese fiction, a development that has proven to be quite characteristic of them Dandadan.

Interestingly, many fans of the chapter are already calling for the appearance of Ultraman, a titular alien from a Japanese show who began defending Earth against Kaiju after hunting a monster there called Bemular. Just based on how far out Dandadan Lately, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that a character like Ultraman could randomly show up to save the day. Earth heroes definitely need something as they have already proven they are no match for the rampaging Alien Kaiju. Why not keep making fun twists?

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