Shonen Jump's sole action rom-com has faced some serious competition

Shonen Jump’s sole action rom-com has faced some serious competition | Pro Club Bd

The new MANGA Plus series Make The Exorcist Fall In Love already outshines Shonen Jump’s ongoing romantic comedy-action spoof Witch Watch.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Let the exorcist fall in love Chapter 4!

A new series called Let the exorcist fall in love on Shueisha’s online-only spin-off from Shonen jump cuts in big time witch clockthe only action-packed romantic comedy in the publisher’s actual weekly flagship magazine.

Although serialized in Japanese app Shonen Jump+ since late 2021, Let the exorcist fall in love written by Aruma Arima and illustrated by Masuku Fukayama, has just been picked up by Shonen Jump+’s international equivalent MANGA Plus, and there are some obvious correlations between what emerges in later chapters and the overall theme in Shonen Jumps witch clock by mangaka Kenta Shinohara.


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Both series could not be more different in sound, because witch clock is more of a parody during Do the exorcist… is a much more serious series with some comedic aspects. But the main theme in each manga is similar: a powerful boy is tasked with protecting a girl who has been attacked by an ominous force, and the most effective way to carry out this task is for the two to live together. Such a brazen arrangement understandably culminates in at least one of the two developing feelings for the other. in the witch clock, girl Nico Wakatsuki and boy Morihito “Moi” Otogi are recently reunited childhood friends, and Nico is head over heels for Moi while he focuses more on his job of protecting her. in the Do the exorcist…, the currently unnamed boy is tormented by love because of his beliefs, while the girl Imuri Atsuki is actually in league with Satan, who wants her to seduce the exorcist for him.

Imuri the succubus makes the nameless boy nervous in Chapter 2 of Make The Exorcist Fall in Love on MANGA Plus.

Given these storylines, it’s understandable why fans see the inclusion of romance as one of the main drivers of each series’ appeal. witch clock started out that way, but as the manga progressed, Nico’s other desires overshadowed her romantic feelings for Moi, becoming more preoccupied with fitting in at school, making her classmates happy with magic, and helping Moi open up to a new roommate. Even if the reader’s interest in witch clock eventually waned as the focus shifted from romance to the romantic elements Do the exorcist… even outshining witch clockThe best moments. Nico’s obsession with Moi was certainly endearing, but Moi’s apparent confusion and constant rejection (though unintentional) eventually made readers realize the feelings were one-sided and losing hope. That is now clear from the outset Do the exorcist…‘s unnamed boy tries to ward off any feelings for Imuri, although the young exorcist has admitted that he enjoys being with her.

Regarding Imuri, readers initially believed that her relationship with her significant other would be just another iteration of the usual trope, in which the protagonist pretends to be in love with another person in order to trick them for some reason, but ends up actually being herself amorous. But there is a twist. Imuri is a specific breed of succubus that only seduces those she actually has feelings for. In other words, Imuri will start executing her plan as soon as she takes care of her protector instead of developing those emotions along the way. From chapter four, the dynamic between Imuri and the nameless boy begins in Let the exorcist fall in love is already far more complex and nuanced than Nico and Moi’s relationship ever was witch clock, This is just the latest example of a series in Shueisha’s flagship Shonen jump release is outshined by another in its spinoff platform MANGA Plus.

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