10 Shonen Manga With Over-The-Top Fan Service

10 Shonen Manga With Over The Top Fan Service | Pro Club Bd

Love it or hate it, fanservice has always been a hallmark of anime and manga. Some shows like that monogatari Series, use it to bolster the story and even parody their competitors’ NSFW clichés, while others, like High School DxD or Ichigo 100%embrace ecchi fully and without apology as part of their attraction.

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Shonen manga has always had a particular penchant for fan service, which is both subtle and unmistakable in almost every title aimed at a young male demographic. Many fans have criticized the industry’s overwhelming penchant for erotic content, such as the compromising portrayal of minors or the disrespectful disparagement of female characters. Still, fanservice-heavy series continue to be popular with viewers, both as guilty pleasures and outdoors. For those looking for a particularly promiscuous shonen manga series, these titles aren’t holding back fan service.

10 Goddess Café Terrace executes every iconic harem trope in style

Goddess Cafe Terrace has everything a fan of classic slice-of-life harems could dream of, including a relaxing seaside setting, a stunning art style, quirky comedy, and a cast of gorgeous girls for every taste. After promising student Hayato Kasukabe learns of his grandmother’s death, he must return to his childhood home and take over his inherited property, the Café Terrace Familia.

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When Hayato arrives, he doesn’t find the old cafe deserted. Instead, the boy is greeted by five girls who used to live there with his grandmother. After the initial shock, Hayato sees the strange encounter as an opportunity to reopen the café with his newfound roommates.

9 Life doesn’t stop even in the event of an apocalypse in After School of the Earth

The four heroes of After the school of the earth, a knowledgeable and optimistic boy Masashi and his three female companions Anna, Yaeko and Sanae are left with no one but themselves after humanity has been eliminated by a mysterious race of monsters, the Phantoms. But the children are not discouraged by the dire circumstances.

From exploring the post-apocalyptic world to finding other survivors, the group always tries to have some fun in the meantime. The series’ detailed background graphics allow for full immersion and draw the audience into an exciting story that mixes slice-of-life, mystery and ecchi.

8th Fanservice legend Kentaro Yabuki makes a glorious comeback with Ayakashi Triangle

The creator behind such cult classics as To LOVE Ru and black cat, Kentaro Yabuki, is famous for his contributions to the fanservice-heavy shonen scene. His latest series Ayakashi trianglefollows in the same footsteps.

This time the story gimmick is gendered as the protagonist, an ayakashi exorcist Matsuri, is transformed into a girl after an unfortunate encounter with a cat monster. However, Matsuri’s sudden change doesn’t make him any less attractive to his childhood friend Suzu. As with most of Kentaro Yabuki’s manga, the plot is not The Ayakashi Triangle main focus.However, the author’s majestic artistry makes this series a perfect read for any fan of his earlier works.

7 Half & Half proves that ecchi can be surprisingly emotionally pungent

For hopeless romantics who are tired of the typical harem clichés but still interested in some fanservice, Fifty – fifty would be a perfect contender. Despite being a short story with only 14 chapters, this manga packs a punch.

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The heartbreaking story of Fifty – fifty follows Yuuki and Shinichi, two young people who accidentally die together in an accident. However, they are revived with only a small catch. Their second life will last seven days, after which one of them will have to die for good. There is no chance for both lovers to survive this predicament unscathed.

6 GE: Good Ending is a rare high school romance done right

Most people find a romantic manga set in high school painfully unrealistic. None of the characters play their age, each relationship plays out like cheap melodrama, and character development takes a back seat to spotlight the romantic turmoil. Luckily that’s not the case GE: Good ending.

The series’ protagonist, Seiji, is overcome by his narrow view of love and is unable even to get close to his high school crush, the eccentric tennis club captain Shou. Noticing the boy’s turmoil, his classmate Yuki decides to offer her guidance, unintentionally introducing Seiji to the darker, more realistic side of human relationships and their complications.

5 Chained Soldier sprinkles some incredible action and hilarious comedy into its fanservice-heavy storyline

After countless gateways to a parallel demonic dimension opened up across Japan, the world’s power hierarchy underwent some dramatic changes. Unfortunately for the male popu

With all sorts of crazy and steamy powers that the fruit bestows, Chained Soldier keeps the fanservice elements of his story just as exciting as the action and comedy. The result is a wild ride enhanced by the manga’s awesome art style.

4 Fanservice is just a bonus to Hammer Session’s incredible story!

In a bizarre turn of events, a wanted con man Yazwa Yuu avoids serving a life sentence by making a deal with the local junior high school principal. Going by the name of Hachisuka Gorou, he becomes the school’s new teacher.

Yazawa must use his skills as a con artist to get the rowdy students to obey. But as expected, the plan does not go as smoothly as expected. For every fan of Great teacher Onizuka, Awesome session! would be an enjoyable read, capturing similar humor and energy with an added flare of fanservice.

3 Ninja Girls is a harem series with a historical shonen twist

Ecchi fans don’t often see historical scenes. Still, ninja girl introduces classic harem verses into a premise better suited to a typical historical plot with panache. The story takes place during the Japanese Civil War when Katana Raizo saves the life of a ninja woman, Kagari.

Through Kagari, Raizo learns that he is the last heir of the fallen Katana clan and the only way to recover his family name is to marry into a wealthy household. Throughout the series, Raizo works to win the hearts of several female nobles, each with their own story to tell and problems to solve, but no obstacle can stop the boy on his quest.

2 Ane Doki is an unsurprising but endlessly entertaining love story

The events of Hello Doki, if somewhat predictable, would be every middle school student’s dream scenario. Kouta Ochiai, an ordinary 13-year-old boy, is left alone for a while after his father leaves on an urgent business trip.

Overhearing Kouta’s conversation with his father, the mysterious beauty Natsuki Hagiwara pressures the boy to let her take care of him in the meantime. Kouta gives in to temptation, despite knowing nothing of Natsuki’s motives, and invites the girl over to his home, little realizing how much this decision will change his everyday life.

1 First Love Zombie attaches great importance to its truly unique storyline

Everyone around Tarou Kurume, First love zombies lazy protagonist, explains that the boy has no interest in love as it goes against his “energy saving principles”. But after being knocked unconscious by a baseball during a gym class, Tarou wakes up to a strange pink-haired girl floating in the air above his head.

Tarou soon learns that his mysterious spirit, Eve, is a love zombie, an idealized version of Tarou’s first love. The intriguing premise of the manga captivates the audience from the first chapters First love zombie A uniquely investing ecchi series that doesn’t just rely on fanservice to keep it interesting.

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