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Spy x family was one of the most popular anime series of the last season and the Forger family played a big part in its success. Loid Forger, the father of the family, is actually the WISE agent Twilight, one of the best spies in Westalis. He is currently working in Ostania trying to prevent a war between the two countries.

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Although Loid is one of the main characters of Spy x family, his mysterious nature as a spy means viewers know very little about him. While much of his past is still mysterious, the manga has shed more light on his character and story. Here are some facts about Twilight that only manga readers know.


8th Becky has a crush on Loid

Becky Blackbell is Anya’s best friend and one of the few people she interacts with at school. The two hang by the hip and are always defending each other, and while the two come from vastly different backgrounds, they’re like peas in a pod.

Becky is particularly precocious for her age due to the soap operas she enjoys watching, and when she sees how handsome Loid is, she falls in love with him immediately. While her crush of puppies isn’t taken very seriously by anyone but Becky herself, it’s funny to see their fantasies run wild.

7 Twilight trains Bond to be a watchdog

Bond is the family dog ​​and an Esper with the ability to see into the future. As a member of the Forger family, Bond generally lives a peaceful life. Occasionally, however, he becomes involved in the dangerous missions that Twilight must undertake as part of his duties, demonstrating a keen sense of intuition and intelligence in the process.

Because of this, Twilight began training Bond with the intention of using him as a watchdog. While Twilight has no intention of using Bond in his spy missions, he does hope that Bond will protect his family in the event of danger.

6 Twilight has an associate named Nightfall

Twilight isn’t the only spy at WISE; Many spies form the secret service that works for peace between West and East. One of those spies is Nightfall, a spy trained by Twilight himself and just as competent as he is.

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While Nightfall is openly cold and stoic in demeanor, she has a secret she keeps to herself: she is madly in love with Twilight. Her only reason for not becoming Loid’s wife was that she was busy on a mission and longs to take Yor’s place in Twilight’s fake family.

5 Loid actually works in a real hospital

Loid Forger, Twilight’s fake identity, is revealed to be a psychiatrist working in a hospital. Since it’s mostly a cover and fans don’t see Loid go to work once during the anime, you could say that this was just a cover story to explain what he’s doing.

However, it is eventually revealed that Loid works at Berlint General Hospital as a real life psychiatrist and is known among his staff as a good doctor who is passionate about his work. Some WISE spies are also embedded in the hospital’s staff to help Twilight in his work.

4 Twilight’s father was abusive

In his childhood, Twilight had a rather difficult relationship with his father. Twilight’s father was a demanding man who insisted that Twilight focus on studying hard rather than playing with his friends and berated him for wanting to be a part of the military, calling him a coward that the military wouldn’t want to.

Although he spoke of wanting peace between East and West, Twilight’s father was a rather violent man who would hit Twilight when he wanted to scold him and often quarreled with his wife. While Twilight’s father had his good points, overall Twilight only remembers him as a scary man.

3 Twilight used to be a soldier

Ostania’s relentless attacks on Westalis ultimately resulted in Twilight losing his family and friends, driving him to despair. After living a long life of desperately trying to keep himself alive, Twilight eventually became a soldier, assuming the identity of a dead man.

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As a soldier, Twilight fought primarily to avenge the deaths of his loved ones. His army career continued until his identity was discovered by WISE, after which he was recruited to become a spy. His war experiences clearly influenced his desire to prevent a war between the two countries.

2 Twilight met Franky at war

Franky is Twilight’s closest thing to a friend, although he’ll probably never admit it. As a spy, Twilight relies primarily on Franky for information, although he also relies on him to babysit Anya and occasionally Bond. While Franky always complains about these jobs, he’s also never tried to get out of them.

It is eventually revealed that Franky and Twilight first met during the war between Westalis and Ostania. Despite being on opposing sides, the two chose not to fight each other. The two eventually broke up, eventually reuniting as a spy and informant.

1 Twilight doesn’t remember his own name

Loid Forger isn’t Twilight’s real name; it is merely an alias created for his life in Ostania. Of course, Twilight is also a codename meant to protect his privacy, and it’s actually not his real name either. Viewers have never heard Twilight’s real name, as he never said it or revealed it in any way.

In fact, it’s possible that Twilight’s real name will never be revealed, since even he doesn’t seem to be able to remember his own name. In flashbacks to the past, his name is blacked out when said by friends, and he is mostly referred to by his old nickname, Advisor.

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