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dragon ball, One piece, Naruto, My hero academyand Demon Hunter are among the most popular anime of their generation and are all considered landmarks of anime and manga in their own right. Coincidentally, all of these animes share a common home in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Leapthe biggest manga publication in Japan. Weekly Shonen Leap has earned a solid reputation for producing massive mainstream anime hits, and that reputation continues to this day Jujutsu Kaisenthe latest big hit of 2020.


Another one recently Jump The series rose to stardom with the release of its anime adaptation: Spy x family. Spy x family enchanted anime viewers everywhere with its charming cast of characters and blend of spy action and slice-of-life humor. However, Spy x family does not come from Weekly Shonen Leapbut Shonen Leap+, an online magazine recently founded by Shueisha. Shonen Jump+ only started a few years ago, but has quickly grown into its own major platform. Spy x familyamong other series, proves that Shonen Leap+ to become a hitmaker Weekly Shonen Leap‘s level.

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What is Shonen Jump+?

Shonen Leap+ is an online magazine that started serialization in 2014. Different Weekly Shonen Leap, Shonen Leap+ contains many different stories that are updated either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. In addition, since it is not a physical magazine, there is no space limit, so the site can contain a larger number of titles. The magazine started with thirty titles and had up to sixty titles in 2019. Shonen Leap+ also doesn’t have as many editorial restrictions as Weekly Shonen Leap does, giving mangaka more freedom to implement explicit and mature content in their works. As a result, the site attracts manga readers who may not be particularly looking for the type of stories featured in the main magazine.

Shonen Leap+ is available both as a website and as an app. While initially the growth for the site was very slow until 2019 Shonen Leap+ began to gain popularity thanks to the debut of Spy x family, which gave his viewers a huge boost. An international version of Shonen Leap+ called MangaPlus was also launched in 2019, which brought several Shonen Leap+ Title for a non-Japanese audience. MangaPlusand VIZ Media Shonen jump website, have done much to raise Shonen Jump+’s profile in the West.

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The rising stars of Shonen Jump+

Spy x family is Shonen Leap+‘s biggest hit, but it’s not the only title that Shonen Leap+ has to offer. Shonen Leap+ has a variety of manga series with different genres and stories that appeal to people with different demographics. Other series, like Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku, Astra lost in spaceand My Hero Academia: Vigilante have also received public attention. Many of the successful series on Shonen Leap+ were brought to the States by the English publisher VIZ Media, which also publishes these series itself Shonen jump apartment Other series featured on Shonen Leap+ are fire blastthat was created by chainsaw man‘s mangaka, Tatsuki Fujimoto, World End Haremand Ghost Reaper Girl.

Shonen Leap+ continues to present and publish popular and rapidly growing series on its website. Kaiju #8 debuted in 2020 and is one of the site’s fast-growing series. another series, Dandadan, debuted in 2021 and is also rapidly gaining popularity. Both series prove it Shonen Leap+The relevance of in the manga market is not going to end anytime soon. between the two magazines Weekly Shonen Leap remains at the top, but that may not necessarily be the case in a few years.

The future of Shonen Jump+

Spring 2022 was a big year for Shonen Leap+ title, thanks Spy x familythe great success. However, Spy x family wasn’t the only online magazine title to get an anime series this season. Daylight Saving Time Rendering and Aharen-san is indecipherable are both Shonen Leap+ Titles that have received anime adaptations this season, and both shows have received recognition, though certainly not at the level of Spy x family. While Shonen Leap+ Titles have previously received anime adaptations (such as Astra lost in space and World End Harem) that three series are being adapted at once is testament to the magazine’s ability to produce titles that have mainstream appeal.

More Shonen Leap+ Titles will certainly get anime adaptations as well. An anime for Infernal Paradise: Jigokuraku has already been announced and Kaiju #8 is so popular that an anime adaptation is all but certain. In addition, the second part of chainsaw man is to be published on Shonen Leap+, meaning the platform will continue to host big titles for the foreseeable future. It is possible that Shonen Leap+ will soon become a major source of hit anime titles in the years to come.

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