The strange story of the Robin villain Lord Death Man

The strange story of the Robin villain Lord Death Man | Pro Club Bd

DC’s Robin Running wasn’t short of villains. If you’ve followed the events of Shadow War, you know that classic villains like Prometheus have chosen a side in the war between Deathstroke and League of Assassins, along with newly introduced good-for-nothings like Angelbreaker. And even though Shadow War has officially come to an end, the Robin series hasn’t stopped taking in some of DC’s worst supervillains and, in the latest chapter of the story, the weirdest.

Spoilers ahead for Robin #15

Lord Death Man in Robin #15 (Image credit: DC)

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Robin #15 was written by Joshua Williamson, drawn by Roger Cruz, colored by Norm Rapmund, colored by Luis Guerrero and lettered by Troy Peteri. The issue features Damian Wayne starting his own business to implement the lessons he learned in Shadow War. One of the goals he has in mind is the reform of Lazarus Island, a former territory of the League of Shadows. Along with DC Pride star Connor Hawke, Robin tries to turn the island into a sanctuary for people like him whose lives have been touched by super villains.

But just moments after Robin says this, a supervillain appears on the shores of Lazarus Island, though it doesn’t seem like he’s there to conquer. However, before we delve into his motivations, let’s answer the question – who is Lord Death Man?

Death Man in Batman #180 (Image credit: DC)

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Originally introduced in 1966’s Batman #180, the villain known as “Death Man” was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff. He was a powerful gangster with the ability to fall into a coma-like state and trick his enemies into thinking he was dead, only to revive himself. Despite his unique power, the character didn’t seem to have much sticking power in American comics. Luckily for him, a resurrection was imminent.

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