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The following contains spoilers for both the anime and manga endings of Wolf’s Rain created by Keiko Nobumoto.

Wolf’s rain is an anime by Sein that focuses on a city on the brink of collapse. There are nobles, poverty, and animals just struggling to survive, but what makes Wolf’s Rain so great is that anime and manga are very different from each other despite sharing the same story.

This series is a hidden gem among anime. Fans new and longtime can appreciate the quality and care that went into the making of the story and fall in love with its amazing characters. Many fans don’t know that there is a manga based on it Wolf’s rain anime The manga is worth reading in its own right, but the anime is way better – and here’s why.

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The plot of Wolf’s Rain

In which Wolf’s rain Universe, there is an old legend that says when the world ends, a paradise called “paradise” will appear. But only wolves will know how to find paradise. At the start of the series, wolves are said to be extinct, having not seen one in almost 200 years. What people don’t know is that wolves have evolved to be able to disguise themselves as humans so they can walk among them unnoticed. The show begins in the North, in a fictional place called Freeze City, where many people face numerous hardships such as poverty.

The story follows Kiba, an injured white wolf with no pack or family to call his own – and he’s fine with that. Kiba isn’t the only wolf in town, each character is on a personal quest while following the scent of the moonflower. Tsume, Hige, and Toboe are all unique wolves with very different personalities, but they soon recognize—in Tsume’s case, reluctantly—Kiba as their pack leader. On their journey, the wolves will encounter many enemies, but there is only one thing that matters; to find the moon flower and reach paradise.

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Differences between Wolf’s Rain anime and manga

The general premise and plot are pretty much the same everywhere Wolf’s rain anime and manga However, there are still many differences. For example, Lady Jaguara, a wealthy noblewoman, is completely omitted from the manga. That’s an odd omission. Although Lady Jaguara is not the main villain of the series, she still plays a significant role. Jaguara adds conflict to the series because she is in love with Lord Darcia III, and she brainwashes Hige at one point in the story.

In the anime, she uses Hige as the alpha dog for her own wolf pack and uses him to eliminate any remaining wolves he encounters. Jaguara dislikes wolves because she sees them as a threat to the nobles who reach paradise. Although Jaguara doesn’t appear in the manga, her powers are one of the biggest obstacles the protagonists face. That seems superfluous – if the manga were to use Lady Jaguara’s army, there’s no point in removing Jaguara herself.

Other changes from anime to manga include dialogue and changes in event sequences. Some events don’t happen in the same order as in the anime. The second volume of the manga doesn’t follow the anime very closely – Lord Darcia recruits a wolf, Blue, to help him open the gate to paradise with her own blood. Blue also does not pursue a romantic relationship with Hige in the manga. She and Hige don’t even meet. As expected, since she works with Lord Darcia, Blue also doesn’t join Kiba’s pack like she does in the anime.

Another change between the manga and anime involves how Kiba’s pack rescues the moonflower Cheza. You must go to Lord Darcia’s Castle instead of Lady Jaguaras. This also rules out Kiba showing up at the very end of the scene and eventually rescuing the flower girl.

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The finale of the story is almost completely different in the manga than in the anime. At the end of the anime, the wolves die, signaling the end of the world and eventually entering paradise. The series ends with Kiba drowning in a lake after collapsing from exhaustion, then being cloaked in a white scene before the city reappears. The ending shows Kiba’s pack, all in human form, walking through what appears to be a replica Freeze City. Wolf’s rain finally ending with human-Kiba walking down a city street before launching into a sprint as the camera jumps between shots of the desolate city and a blooming moonflower.

The manga ruins one of the best bittersweet endings by completely changing it. The ending places Cheza and the wolf pack on a cluster of large boulders, clouds breaking up to let some rays of sunshine through. The world is no longer in ruins and the world is at peace again. The manga’s ending is a bit more confusing than the anime’s, but some fans assume that paradise was found at the end of the manga.

Is wolf rain worth seeing?

Wolf’s rain is highly acclaimed for its intricate plot and amazing characters. Wolf’s rain may not be the most popular series, but it definitely deserves a lot more praise than it currently receives. The series has thirty episodes, each of which expands on the plot or the world in which Kiba and the others live. Whether the episode focuses on the complicated relationship between the pack members or begins with an action-packed chase, Wolf’s rain still finds a way to tug at the hearts of many people.

Some fans may be dissatisfied with the anime’s ending, the final episode and scene leaves a bittersweet taste rather than a sour taste. Although both the anime and manga have an open ending for the series, the anime has a broader storyline and includes important characters that are integral to the storyline and add necessary conflicts.

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