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His anime is intended to be aimed at an older audience, with more mature storytelling and character development than Shonen. But despite being Shonen Anime’s bigger brother, his anime never seems to get the same respect. While some of the greatest anime of all time has been his, rarely is the genre as much talked about as Battle Shonen.

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Just as some older shonen anime are experiencing a revival, many being anime could use a reboot. Some might use a reboot because their manga wasn’t properly adapted the first time, while others might use one to just update the show’s animation and bring it to a new generation.

10 Initial D is a classic that has no worthy imitators

Shuichi Shugenos Initial D was a classic for its fans and racing fans alike. Published in Kodansha’s Weekly young magazinethe series ran from 1995 to 2013. The manga focused on the ins and outs of illegal street racing and was even mentored by professional racer Keiichi Tsuchiya, the Drift King himself.

That Initial D Anime ran from 1995 to 2014; It’s a classic that every racing fan should try at least once. However, a reboot could give the entire series a new face. A series that could easily stand alongside the most popular fighting shonen, Initial D would be a hit if it ever rebooted.

rose girl was a gothic fantasy series by the creator duo Peach-Pit that ran in Sein magazine Monthly Comic Birz from 2002 to 2007. It also received a second series in Weekly jump from 2008 to 2014 and even made a comeback ultra jump from 2016 to 2019.

The focus of rose girl was in a group of sentient porcelain dolls fighting each other to become the perfect doll. The concept seemed too niche to work, but it managed to sustain publication for nearly 20 years. A series that sustains this popularity with its audience deserves a reboot for fans old and new alike to enjoy a full storyline adaptation.

8th Akira never had to adjust his entire manga

When fans think Akira, they often think of the 1988 film and nothing else. It’s easy to see why – even before the rise of anime in popularity, Akira became a worldwide hit thanks to its graphics and unique cyberpunk vision. However, the film is based on the manga by Katsuhiro Otomo, which ran from 1982 to 1990 Weekly young magazine.

There is a much deeper world with more characters and character development within Akira Manga that the film adaptation didn’t have time for. A new Akira Anime is coming from Sunrise but the release date is still unknown.

7 The Outlaw Star reboot could lead to the long-awaited sequel

It would be difficult to create a remake that could top the original outlaw star. The 1998 anime started out as a manga in the magazine ultra jump and ran from 1996 to 1999. It combined both sci-fi and western aesthetics to create a world where it was possible to fight a samurai and a gunslinger in a spaceship universe and it all still made complete sense.

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The anime adaptation of outlaw star by Sunrise was a near-perfect adaptation that became a hit in the West when it aired on the Toonami block. But nowadays, younger fans have probably never heard of it. A reboot could not only reignite interest, but also generate the necessary audience for the sequel that the series never got.

6 Maison Ikkoku needs to be introduced to a new audience

Young anime fans might not know what a legend Rumiko Takahashi is. Although her most popular work in America is probably Inuyashashe spent decades creating classics like Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2and Maison Ikkoku. Takahashi wrote Maison Ikkoku for his magazine Big weird ghosts from 1980 to 1987, and the series was adapted into an anime in 1986, which ran until 1988.

A hugely popular romantic comedy anime, Maison Ikkoku was another early series that showed the potential of the anime medium beyond the usual action storylines. A reboot would give viewers a chance to fall in love with this group all over again.

5 You’re Under Arrest is the perfect mix of slice-of-life & action

you are under arrest was a manga by creator Kosuke Fujishima that ran in Seinen magazine Morning party Zokan from 1986 to 1992. The series was a slice of life focused on a police station where two policewomen dealt with crimes ranging from jaywalking to kidnapping.

you are under arrest was a smash hit in the past, running for three seasons and even getting a live-action drama. A reboot of the underrated anime Seinen could adapt the manga or go its own way. As long as it would fit the characterization of the Bokuto cops, it would be destined to succeed.

4 Brave 10 has only one season of its story

brave 10 comes from the creator Kairi Shimotuski and started in Sein magazine Funny flapper. The series ran in two parts, first as brave 10 from 2006 to 2010, then later than Brave 10 S from 2011 to 2016.

brave 10 focuses on the Sanada Ten Braves who are responsible for protecting the shrine maiden Isanami after assassins are sent after her. There was an anime series based on the manga launched in 2012, but the series only ran for a single twelve-episode season, meaning much of the story was left untold.

3 Tokyo Ghoul needs a more detailed description of the manga

Tokyo Ghoul started publishing in Weekly jump in 2011 and counting its sequel, Tokyo Ghoul;rewas published until 2018. The series focused on Ken Kaneki, a human who turns into a half-ghoul and must learn to live his life while maintaining his humanity.

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as manga, Tokyo Ghoul was a bestseller with over 47 million copies in print, but the anime encountered a number of problems as it deviated from the manga’s plot. In the end, fans got so upset with the series that it’s being cited as the prime example of the kind of anime that needs a reboot.

2 The story of Berserk has progressed beyond the 90’s series

Perhaps the most epic dark fantasy series of all time, legendary creator Kentaro Miura started berserk in Sein magazine Monthly Pet House in 1988 and relocated it to cub 1992, where it continues today. Although its creator has passed away, the series lives on and hopefully moves towards a satisfying conclusion from Kouji Mori.

berserk has gotten two anime series in the past – a pretty standard adaptation in the ’90s and then one in 2016 that has some of the worst CGI ever. berserk deserves a reboot capable of telling the whole story from start to finish with the level of quality befitting an anime so beloved.

1 Gangster. Needs the opportunity to evolve his world

Creator Kohske has created a classic with Gangster.which was carried out on the pages of Monthly Comic @BUNCH since 2011. Fans loved the dark crime world and the cool lead trio, and when the anime aired in 2015, it seemed destined to be the next hit. Unfortunately, the animation studio Manglobe had to close after the conclusion of the first season.

Nothing has happened since then Gangster., but the chance of it being a hit is still there. A publisher would have to figure out the rights issues and then do a full reboot to get a fresh start.It’s a big challenge, but series have bounced back from bigger problems than this.

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