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The arcade golden age may have come and gone, but it’s been kept alive by movies and the memories of those who were there, not to mention the legion of arcade-inspired games. It’s difficult to emulate a classic arcade experience without simply ripping off another title or failing to capture what made arcade games so special in the first place, but some pull it off.

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Chiptune soundtracks, pixel art, and a 2D view have been the hallmarks of many iconic arcade games, but they’re not the only features that have made these games great. Thankfully, many talented developers have pared arcade games down to their sweet, satisfying essence. But even the best of these are sometimes overlooked. Only older games with less than 5,000 reviews and newer games with less than 500 reviews are featured here.

7 Owinka shooter

Although it is a short experience that can be completed in about an hour, Owinka shooter is a great free-to-play arcade game about escaping from a sinister facility. The player controls Owinka 427, who must fight her way through vaguely spooky white jelly beans, occasionally solving puzzles to get out.

Luckily, the player has a gun with infinite ammo, so mowing down the weird bean enemies won’t be a problem. The graphics aren’t stunning, but a fun soundtrack, hard-hitting jokes, and a satisfying gameplay loop encourage immersion Owinka shooter a worthwhile investment, and the player does not need a rare and expensive arcade cabinet for it.

Capcom has long been synonymous with a quality arcade experience, according to the publication of Capcom Fighting Collection is a fantastic opportunity for fans looking to take some credit from the company’s arcade heyday, or who may have missed it altogether.

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Whether the player is a fan of Darkstalker, vampire hunter, street fighter, cyberbots, Red earthor another excellent title from Capcom, There is something about this collection that arcade fighting enthusiasts will love. Each title supports online play with leaderboards and lobbies, and there are generous training modes and entry-level features for beginners. The only downside is that two of the games (Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Vampire Savior 2: The Vampire Lord) contain only the Japanese version.

5 Waste

Waste is a 2.5D life simulation in which the player takes on the role of a garbage man, visiting neighborhood houses to collect their garbage, being careful not to get hit by cars, bicycles, attacked by dogs, or any other occupational accident to suffer. Is this the best that arcades have to offer? In a strange way maybe.

The goal is to keep the customers happy, but there is always a time limit The player must do his job as efficiently as possible to earn more money before moving on to the next street. The combination of its retro black and white aesthetic, unusual premise, and classic arcade setup is what makes it stand out Waste a delightful throwback for fans of games like newsboy.

4 Final Vendetta

One of the most enduring arcade genres is beat ’em up, and Final Vendetta does its best to match the quality and excitement of the genre’s classics. The pixel art and smooth animations are one of the best parts of the game. There’s something infinitely satisfying about watching a man in a mullet and sunglasses bodyslam someone in a speeding subway car.

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Battling gang members across London is fun thanks to the variety of moves that keep the fights interesting. Blocking, dodging, and juggling are all integral parts of combat, and each character has a move set that sets them apart from the rest, giving players good reason to replay the game once it’s completed. The game features two-player co-op, four game modes, and – yes – street food.

3 Donut Dodo

2D platformer Donut Dodo not only wants to be inspired by the classic arcade games of the early 80’s, it wants to be one and offer an experience as retro and gory as it gets, while standing alongside the classics that still endure today to have.

Baker Billy Burns’ mission is to collect every donut in every level as quickly as possible while outmaneuvering the evil Donut Dodo.

A chiptune soundtrack, fair controls, 16 color palette and high lethality all do Donut Dodo a game that would have fit perfectly in arcades four decades ago and is still a lot of fun today. For players who want to scoop every last drop of the classic arcade experience, the game even has leaderboards that limit names to three characters.

2 TimeShifter

Another game that doesn’t shy away from its inspiration, TimeShifter will feel instantly familiar to fans of old-school shooters Gold eye and timesplitterthe influence of the latter being particularly pronounced.

The short story mode revolves around a worldwide hostage crisis triggered by a dictator with a time machine, but Players will have plenty to do after victory, whether it’s chasing down every platinum trophy in Challenge Mode or playing Deathmatch against friends online. The weirdness of the story and the challenges shouldn’t detract from the quality of the shooting, environmental destruction, and gameplay. TimeShifter is a game designed to please a specific audience and it accomplishes its mission.

1 Ex Zodiac

Ex Zodiac wears its 90s inspiration on its tongue. It’s a 3D rail shooter about Kyuu’s fight to liberate the Sanzaru star system from Zodiac, an intergalactic terrorist group. Fast-paced and equipped with an excellent 16-bit soundtrack, it doesn’t need it Ex Zodiac after that, hitting players with a wave of nostalgia and proving itself as one of the best modern arcade games.

The game is fast, fluidly animated, and makes great use of its bright, low-poly style. The game has a variety of main levels, each ending in a boss fight, plus bonus levels and more on the way once the game exits early access. For retro fans who just want to go fast and blow things up against a pretty background, Ex Zodiac is just right.

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