Warren's librarian has a world record-breaking collection of squirrels - Macomb Daily

Warren’s librarian has a world record-breaking collection of squirrels – Macomb Daily | Pro Club Bd

What became a Guinness World Record collection of 3,399 squirrel-related items began in 1981 with a small Sandicast squirrel figurine.

“I had some gift money I saved for a special purchase, and I ended up buying a squirrel figurine,” said Holly Goudie, Troy resident and Warren librarian. “Then my mom gave me a t-shirt and a necklace, and it kind of became a collection from there.”

In October 2021, Guinness World Records recognized Goudie’s vast collection as the largest of its kind. The previous record was 1,100, and this collection was mostly statues. Goudie has books, socks, cards, jewellery, umbrellas, ornaments, figurines, towels, sheets, mugs and just about anything else you can think of in her prized collection.

“At this point, I’m really trying to add things that are more user-friendly and functional,” Goudie said. “For example, I just got a squirrel umbrella, and probably one of the most unique things is a brass Jonathan Adler shoehorn. It has a long handle and looks like a work of art, but I use it every day.”

Books about squirrels make up a large part of Goudie’s collection. (INSERTED PHOTO)

As a librarian, it’s no surprise that Goudie has more than 200 squirrel books in her collection. She spent 37 years as the school librarian in Romeo and now works part-time in the library at the Warren Civic Center, so books are very important to her.

She has squirrel decorations for every holiday, a Polish ceramic squirrel, and has collected pieces from around the world. During a trip to Rome, one of the other people on the trip, aware of her affection for squirrels, spotted an item in a small shop that she knew Goudie wanted.

“It took me three trips to the store to get it because they were closed the first two times I tried to buy it,” Goudie said. “I was finally able to get it right before we left.”

In the early days of building the squirrel stash, Goudie had a hard time finding items. But in recent years, with online shopping and places like Etsy that specialize in handmade items, it’s been easier to track down squirrel-related pieces.

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